When it pertains to in-ring ability, the 2020 WWE roster is arguably an ext talented than any type of other era in the that company history.

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However, as irreversible WWE viewers will certainly appreciate, the men and also women that appear on RAW and also SmackDown should boast an ext than simply in-ring talent if they are going to connect with fans and also fulfill your potential in WWE.

Having a strong move collection and the ability to cut compelling promos is clearly important, yet it is additionally just as vital that a WWE Superstar it s okay the basics right – and that, the course, requires their WWE gimmick name.

While a select couple of Superstars have actually been enabled to use their real names on WWE television, the majority of civilization who show up on our display screens use the fictional names that were provided to them in ~ the start of your WWE careers.

With the in mind, let’s take it a look in ~ the genuine names of the 101 WWE Superstars that are currently on the RAW and also SmackDown rosters.

#5 WWE Superstars" genuine names (A-B)


Followers of behind-the-scenes WWE news will certainly probably know that Bray Wyatt (Windham Rotunda) and Bo Dallas (Taylor Rotunda) are the young of former WWE Superstar IRS (Mike Rotunda).

Wyatt is called after former WWE, NWA and WCW star Barry Windham, who is also his uncle.

Asuka (Kanako Urai) is one more standout name in this list. The Empress of Tomorrow, previously well-known as Kana prior to joining WWE, still offers her genuine name on her KanaChanTV YouTube channel.

Further under in this category, Brock Lesnar is one of the few Superstars who has actually been enabled to store his genuine name transparent his WWE career. Although he is technically a cost-free agent appropriate now, The Beast is still listed among the existing Superstars top top WWE’s website, thus why that is in this list.

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The large Show’s real name (Paul Wight) was provided by WWE’s commentators as soon as he make his WWE debut at St. Valentine’s work Massacre in February 1999. The seven-foot Superstar was then offered the gimmick name the he has actually been recognized as because that the last 2 decades.

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