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The Latin source word dict and also its different dic both mean ‘say.’ Some typical English vocabulary words the come native this native root encompass dictionary, contradict, and dedicate. Perhaps the easiest way in which to remember this root is words prediction, because that a prediction is ‘said’ prior to something in reality happens.

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ab-away, from
dicsay, talk, proclaim
-ateto make something have a details quality

To “abdicate” one “proclaims” that one is “away from” a provided responsibility.

Dictionaries to speak It All!

The Latin root word dict and also its different dic both typical ‘say.’ let me ‘say’ a couple of words around this helpful English indigenous root.

Have girlfriend ever taken into consideration what the beginning of words dictionary in reality is? Dictionaries help with the pronunciation, or exactly ‘saying’ that words, besides providing other word information such as definitions and also word origins. Room you addicted to analysis the dictionary? If so, you have actually ‘said’ or declared your love for it.

Some people shot to predict events before they happen, thereby ‘saying’ what will certainly occur before they in reality do. The prediction is often wrong, thus is contradicted or ‘spoken’ against by what actually happens.

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Did her school have a valedictorian who ‘said’ the farewell deal with at your high institution graduation? If so, she may have actually dictated or ‘said’ she speech come a friend, who wrote it out for her. The speech chin was more than likely dedicated or ‘said’ because that the members of she graduating class.

A verdict is the reality ‘said’ through a jury who determines whether a defendant placed on attempt in a court of legislation is innocent or guilty. If the defendant is vindicated, he is ‘said’ to be totally free of every charges that had been placed versus him. The jury may just as well, however, indicate or ‘say’ that he is guilty!

Only the unwise would concern what a dictator ‘says,’ because that he gets the final ‘say’ in everything. In fact, speaking up in such a means might placed you in quite the predicament or danger situation, because that you would have ‘said’ something before you thought around what its results might entail!

I have actually now dedicated quite enough time come ‘saying’ things about the source words dict and also dic. But go ahead and also thumb v your dictionary and see how many an ext words that indicates have this valuable root!

dictionary: tells exactly how to ‘say’ words addict: ‘speaks’ greatly towards something predict: ‘say’ beforehand contradict: ‘say’ against valedictorian: one that ‘says’ farewell dictate: ‘say’ words come another dedicate: to ‘say’ because that another verdict: ‘speaking’ of the truth vindicate: ‘say’ to be cost-free from something indicate: ‘say’ to make known dictator: ‘sayer’ of rules predicament: an outcome when one ‘speaks’ also quickly, or prior to she should