Melissa MistSinger has actually been an avid player the Wizard101 because the 2008 beta. She has 6 max level wizards and also too countless pets.

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Waterworks: an important Wizard101 Dungeon

In Wizard101, Waterworks is a dungeon found in Crab Alley because that players level 60 and up. This dungeon to be created due to the fact that the Wizard101 developers wanted to have actually a function for Crab Alley beyond a low-level questing area, therefore they produced a dungeon because that players that were at the max level in ~ the time. It has been a standard dungeon for years and also provides a ton of nostalgia for older players, while still gift highly valuable for newbies.

Waterworks is a great location to farm for level 60 gear, mastery amulets for other schools, and also mega snacks to train her pet. The hat, robe, and also boots you obtain here are an effective enough to critical you up till level 100, so it is definitely worth the to farm yard for at least a couple of runs.

Waterworks gear gives all colleges some global resist and has an excellent damage, accuracy, and critical as well. This gear can be challenging to get, however, since this dungeon has cheating bosses (bosses with special rules for fighting them) inside.

This guide will operation you v every fight in the dungeon, consisting of the cheating bosses, and also it will help you deal with the puzzles without triggering extr battles.

The first Tunnel: Two simple Mob Fights

When you go into the dungeon, you will be floating around in a large chamber v 4 various tunnels. To start doing the dungeon, pull the lever, and enter the first tunnel. Every of this tunnels has two rooms. Both rooms in the very first tunnel contain straightforward mob fights.

The very first room, suspect you have actually a team of four, will have two Fintooth Warlocks (Death) and two Slithering eel (Storm). The second room will have two Hydromatic Drones (Ice) and two Rivershell guards (Storm). Simply switch to your mob deck, tongue yourself, and use an attack that hits every enemies. Friend will desire to have actually a few cards in your deck come quickly discover what friend need. At the end of the second room, traction the lever to unlock the following area.

The first Tunnel

The an initial battle.

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The second battle.

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This is what happens if you fail the seashells puzzle. Oops.

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Pull the lever, Kronk! Okay, it's actually the appropriate lever. Currently you deserve to move on to the next tunnel.

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More sharks and fish. It's choose a seafood buffet, only these men probably don't taste an extremely good.

The fourth Tunnel: A Puzzle, then One last Mob Fight

There is one last mob fight in ~ the end of this tunnel, versus two Celestian Constructs (Moon) and two Riverclaws (Life), but prior to you obtain there you have actually to get past the second puzzle that the Waterworks.

To start playing follow the leader, read the book and also an eel will certainly appear, protecting against at each bar you must pull. It’s ideal that just one human pulls the levers, so you don’t accidentally summon 4 Slithering eel (Storm) come battle.

When you space done with both the puzzle room and the 2nd room, it is time come go earlier to the big center chamber and face Sylster Glowstorm.

Here is the monitor the leader puzzle. How an excellent are friend at adhering to directions?

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Oops, i did the again. I hit the wrong one. Obtained lost in the game.

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This is the fight in the second room after ~ you execute the puzzle.

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Sylster Glowstorm and also His Buddies: An practice in Counting

When you enter the center chamber again, friend will need to close the drain valve. This summons Sylster Glowstorm, a star boss that drops the Waterworks robe and boots, and also his two friends Spellhammer Sorcerer (Death) and also Water-wing (Fire). These guys have cheats that revolve approximately a bike of rounds:

At the start of the first round, Sylster will actors a white Doom and Gloom bubble. When the white balloon is up, you can only actors traps, not blades.This will certainly last until round four, as soon as he switches it to a black bubble, definition you only have the an initial three ring to trap. As soon as the black color bubble is up, you can only actors blades and not traps. The bike from then on is four rounds, and then the shade will switch.When the shade switches, every buffs are removed, so you should use them before the bicycle is done. This way that you can’t buff up for a one-hit kill. Also, due to the fact that the bubbles space Doom and also Gloom, the is daunting to heal.If you use a blade throughout a white bubble round, it will certainly be soon removed. The same goes for using a trap in a black bubble round.Do not use a solitary target strike if you don’t have actually a tongue in a black color bubble round or if friend don’t have a trap in a white bubble round. If girlfriend do, Sylster will use a 1630 damages Ra, the Water-Wing will usage a 375 rebirth with no absorb, and the Spellhammer Sorcerer will use Scarecrow. This is likely to put your team very low on health, so look carefully at the situation before you cast.The balloon cheat bike will continue even if you kill the boss, due to the fact that the minions will take over spreading the bubble.

The best means to get roughly these cheat is to have multiple civilization buff up and also hit top top the critical round that the present bubble. It really helps to have someone counting the rounds in chat so you understand when the bubble is around to switch.

Support football player may find it easier to shield the team come prevent damages or help buff the hitters, since healing through the Doom and Gloom is not as effective.

When you finish this fight, girlfriend will receive the badge Waterworks Warrior, and hopefully, friend will obtain some an excellent gear!

Waterworks Drops

To figure out if you've gained the Waterworks gear, below is a perform of set names by school:

Storm wizards will obtain the Skyscream set.Fire wizards will get the Firestarter's set.Myth wizards will get the Tricksy set.Death wizards will receive the Hangman set.Balance wizards will obtain the Judgement set.Ice wizards will obtain the Frostbit set.Life wizards will receive the Esprit set.

This set of equipment will last you a long time and will make you feel very an effective for a while, so that is worth farming for. It is significant in the fact that every school gets universal resist as soon as equipping Waterworks gear. The gear also gives a pretty damage rise from Bazaar equipment or the mount Olympus set, too as higher accuracy and also power pip chance. Options to this equipment are the crafted equipment from Carax Strongthread in Sudrilund (you must be a grandmaster artisan or above), or the equipment dropped in the home of scale by Ammit.

The bosses the this dungeon also drop mastery amulets, which let wizards use power pips for an additional school. These room potentially really useful if you prefer running a secondary school, and can allow you to take on other roles in battle. Wizards of any level have the right to use these, so you have the right to pass them on to another wizard if you obtain the one for her school.

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Another drop that's an excellent for passing around to other wizards on your account is mega snacks. Mega snacks provide high quantities of pet experience and also stat increases to your pet, making pet training quicker and an ext efficient. You deserve to really power up her pets by farming Waterworks.

Whatever you room hoping for, Waterworks is a good dungeon to farm again and again. An excellent luck with your farming, and I hope you get all the drops friend want!