Allow me come a repaint a ~sexy~ picture for you. You and also your companion are kissing and it"s beginning to get more intense... Like, serious tonsil hockey. Things room steaming up and your companion suddenly starts do their method down to your neck. Sound pretty standard, right?

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I mean, neck kisses have actually been a pretty commonly accepted component of hooking up because we gained our very first hickeys ago in high school. But what room they, really? Why carry out they feeling so effing good? Of every the body parts available, why space we drawn towards each other’s necks?!

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Do. Not. Worry. I come bearing the answers come pretty much any and all neck kiss-related concerns you may have ever before had through some accuse from ours experts. Without more ado, let the finding out begin!

What is a neck kiss?

It’s nice self-explanatory. “A neck kiss is specifically what it sounds like, a kiss top top the neck – usually close to the nape wherein the neck meets the shoulder, yet anywhere ~ above the neck have the right to feel amazing,” says Emily Morse, PhD, organize of the SiriusXM radio show and also podcast the the same name, Sex through Emily.

Why is your companion kissing girlfriend there?

“The neck is a sensitive area. Therefore kissing in the neck is a means for who to gain really intimate really quickly, and to develop anticipation for an ext to come later," says Traci Brown, human body language expert and also author of Persuasion Point: human body Language and also Speech for Influence. “Lengthening and also exposing the side of her neck is likewise a authorize of attraction.”

No wonder why world are for this reason horny for necks. “It’s sexy! The nape of the neck is a beautiful curve of the body, and also it deserve to be a large turn-on to watch your partner’s reaction,” states Morse. “Nibbling, licking, and blowing on the neck is a great way come tease what’s coming."

Why walk it feel so good?

Anyone who’s ever before had the satisfied of gift kissed top top the neck knows the it feels virtually surprisingly wonderful. But why?

"For one, there’s a the majority of nerve endings on the neck, therefore it’s super pleasurable,” says Morse.

Plus, it’s a at sight sexy expansion of a do out. I mean, think about it: Your companion loves your body so much, they want to kiss every inch of it. It"s choose your upper body"s clitoris!

How carry out you go around executing the perfect neck kiss?

“Start low and slow—right over the shoulder, kissing gently, and also make certain you have actually wet lips,” instructs Morse. “Switch between light kisses and a little bit that tongue, then blow on that area come stimulate all those nerve endings. Carry out this same procedure right under the ear together well.”

And absolutely don"t travel back to your center school hookups in a horny daze—light sucking is fine, yet hickeys room a no-no.

And remember, no matter where you’re kissing your partner, the an essential is to pay attention. "Are they relocating closer come you or pulling away? Is your breath quickening or space they trying not to laugh due to the fact that they’re ticklish? keep going your strategy to your partner and you can’t miss,” advises Morse.