Reggie is happy because that Kim (Picture: Rex Features)

Reggie shrub has lost call with former girlfriend Kim Kardashian however isn’t also fussed about it.

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Not many people can say the they nothing have any type of ill-feelings in the direction of their exes but Reggie is insisting the he is ‘happy’ for the maintaining Up through The Kardashian star.

The former NFL athlete dated Kim on and off until 2010 and is currently praising exactly how she has actually grown to it is in a truth royalty and also businesswoman due to the fact that their separation eight-years-ago.

The 33-year-old told united state magazine: ‘We don’t keep in touch.’

Kim and Reggie dated on and also off till their break-up in 2010 (Picture: RE/Westpiersonforcongress.comm/starmaxinc.piersonforcongress.comm)

He added: ‘She’s act a good job creating a brand for herself, her and also her family. I’m happy for ’em … she’s an extremely smart.’

Kim, that is now married to Kanye West, has actually gone ~ above to have actually three children – much like Reggie who has actually three young kids with his wife of 4 years Lilit Avagyan.

Reggie – who began dating Kim when KUWTK first aired – to be a regular piersonforcongress.comnfront on the Kardashian family’s fact TV display during their three-year relationship, however, resources at the time stated the athlete’s battle with the spotlight eventually caused their final break-up.

Kim is now happily married to Kanye (Picture: Getty)

Before Kim walked under the aisle to marry Kanye in 2014, she famously married NBA alum Kris Humphries in 2011 in very lavish – and also expensive – fairy tales wedding the was televised on E! However, the piersonforcongress.comuple’s marital relationship crumbled just two month later and also their divorce was finalised in 2013.

Reflecting top top the short-lived marriage, Kim called radio personality big Boy on real 92.3: ‘You know, i fucked up and also went a various direction and realised i fucked up pretty soon.’

Kanye, 41, actually dropped in love v Kim while she was married piersonforcongress.comme Kris and also the TV star newly revealed the she actually hid she wedding ring to preventive the rapper’s feelings.

Recalling one particular moment, Kim told big Boy: ‘So ns am talking v my ring and I talk with my hand a many so ns am talking, and also I simply see looking at my ring and his challenge would just get heartbroken. So ns sat on my hand because that the remainder of the dinner and spoke like this v one hand.’

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Admitting that she knew Kanye had feelings for her, Kim said: ‘I caught onto that, yeah. Us look ago now, and I assumption: v him and also his best friend had actually a piersonforcongress.comnvo and also he was like, “Dude. We’re in ~ a restaurant together. She just acquired married choose two main ago.”’

Kanye’s ex-girlfriend Amber rose famously asserted that Kim had actually been piersonforcongress.comvertly sending message messages piersonforcongress.comme the rapper. But Kim insists that ‘nothing happened’ between her and Kanye if she to be a married woman.

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The reality star said: ‘Nothing walk down… however then i went to new York and also started filming and I to be like, “You’re right. I’m miserable”. I made the not piersonforcongress.comrrect decision.’

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