We kick off our Parish Pride feature with some rapid facts around the parishes the St Ann, St Mary and St Catherine. All three are in the ar of Middlesex.

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St Ann


St Ann is the largest of Jamaica’s 14 parishes.It is likewise quite possible the site of the earliest human being inhabitation that Jamaica. Taino settlements from as early on as 600 ad have been found in the parish.The parish is also the site of the very first European landfall top top Jamaica. Christopher Columbus landed in discovery Bay (formerly dried Harbour) in 1494 and also the location he changed to 4 years later, was developed as Sevilla la Nueva (New Seville), the country’s an initial capital.St Ann is the birthplace of nationwide hero Marcus Garvey and also Reggae superstar, Bob Marley.The highest elevation in the parish is in the dry Harbour hills at 762 metres over sea level. 

Historical sites in St Ann

St Mary


St Mary is among the very first parishes cleared up by the Spaniards. The key port was named Santa Maria. When the British captured the island in 1655, the harbor was renamed harbor Maria and the parish St Mary.The fight of Rio Nuevo, to identify whether Jamaica would certainly be Spanish or English was battled on June 17 1658.The hit for freedom from slavery found early expression in St mar in the Easter Rebellion that 1760, led by Tacky.Residents in the parish were additionally involved in the islandwide work Riots that 1938.

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Historical web page in St Mary

St Catherine
St Catherine was created in 1867 when 4 smaller parishes were joined together, and also is called for Katherine, queen the Charles II.St Catherine Parish Church or the Cathedral Church of St James, was developed on the website of the roman inn Catholic Chapel the the Red Cross, i m sorry was destroyed when the brothers seized Jamaica in 1655. The church ended up being the very first Anglican cathedral outside of England in 1843 and also is the earliest one in the English-speaking Caribbean. Today, the Cathedral is the chair of the Bishop that the Diocese of Jamaica.The historic actors iron bridge spans the Rio Cobre river at the eastern end of Spanish Town. The bridge, which is the earliest of its sort in the west hemisphere, was designed by brothers engineer cutting board Wilson, cast in 1801 and shipped to Jamaica in prefabricated parts which were assembled and placed on stone abutments. At one point, the was inserted on the UNESCO list of endangered people sites.

Historical sites in St Catherine