Which the the following is the major reason because that accident investigation?

To recognize a scapegoat
To discover fault
To take disciplinary action
To stop future accidents

What is the purpose of an accident investigation?

To recognize who can be blamed
To collection facts
To uncover fault
All the the above

Select the correct sequence of procedures in the accident investigation.

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Identify witnesses, isolation the accident site, document all evidence, picture or videotape the scene, interview witnesses.
Photograph or videotape the scene, recognize witnesses, interview witnesses, record all evidence, isolate the accident site.
Isolate the accident site, record all evidence, picture or videotape the scene, identify witnesses, interview witnesses.

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None of the above.

When interviewing witnesses, what questions should be asked?

How and also why
Where and when
What and who
All that the above

Injuries/illnesses must be tape-recorded if they an outcome in:

One or more lost workdays
Restriction of activity or work
All of the above
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