Log into your account and also go come ‘Hans’ who deserve to be discovered in the Lumbridge castle courtyard. If her account is less than 5 years then you will obtain a blog post in your chatbox telling you the variety of days left until you can case the 5 year veteran cape.

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How carry out you examine your time play on Runescape?

Old school Time play Hans will currently let you understand your time played on Old school RuneScape. Friend can find him wandering the grounds the Lumbridge castle, talk to him and he will let girlfriend know.

How long does Runescape keep your account?

Inactive accounts room deleted ~ 5 year of your last login currently – uneven you to be a Player Moderator at any point and time, or if you had actually longer 보다 3 year of membership (Not consecutively).

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How perform you check your account production date?

Talk to Hans in the Lumbridge courtyard ~ above OSRS. IIRC RS3 doesn’t right now have a way to check the really date. Friend can check the lot of hrs you’ve played but unless you developed your account ~ above a specific patch day then it’ll be hard for older account to pinpoint the precise day. You can check with Hans top top RS3.

Where to find Hans in RuneScape to check time?

Can likewise in addition to runemetrics, uncover Hans in the lumbridge castle and one that the dialogue options tell you how long you’ve to be on and how long earlier you made her account. Thanks! i forgot about Hans