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You know What they Say

We"ve every heard the old saying for whensomebody is in a negative situation: "When life gives you lemons, you do lemonade." several of us might have heard that a bit differently. If you were a fan of the Andy Milonakis display or if friend justliked the theme song (like me), you might remember the line the goes, "When life gives me lemons ns make beef stew."Andy Milonakis in reality threw away the lemon, radically changed his perspective, and also started make beef stew instead. You have the right to see what I average here. I"m no saying you should provide up and also move on that easily, by any type of means. However, i think it is wise to explore the unconventional options to your problems.


You kids get turn off my lawn!
Let"s take a sec and also think about the associations we have actually with lemonade. You think the lemonade and also you might just photo the exact same point I do: children at a table in their front yard, ~ above a sweltering hot day, yelling at passing cars, probably with a authorize posted, and a pitcher of trivial "I"ve had better from a Kool-Aid packet" lemonade. Yet, somehow these children find a means to guilt you into spending a 4 minutes 1 or 2 ona cup, anyway. Some boy years earlier probably had nothing far better to do one summer day, for this reason he or she looked around the kitchen andsaw part lemons. They then proceeded to find sugar and also tap water, and also Viola! they thought of the easiest thing to make to happen the time and also even make a little bit of money. An prompt classic, i think you"d agree. Well, the is just how I check out the whole organization (no pun intended) of making lemonade: childish. It"s like grasping because that the easiest solution. The sad point is that thequick settle is usually only a temporary one. Miscellaneous else will go not correct after a short time.Imagine if this child saw the lemons and sugar and made lemon squares or lemon cookies; hey, they could have capitalized top top that prior to the girl scouts did! Instead, they make an quickly replicable lemonade stand.

Beef Stew

Personally, I"m not a substantial fan that soup or beef, however I execute enjoy beef stew, every therefore often. Mine mom always knows just how the weather will certainly be the following day, therefore she plans dinner accordingly. Top top a cold, winter, perhaps snowy night she will certainly make beef stew. That is a satisfying and also well-rounded meal. Beef is the protein. My mommy adds carrots and tomatoes for vegetables (yeah, I know tomato isa fruit, however does "fruity beef stew" sound appealing to you?). Potatoessupply the starch in the to do it filling. Beef stew is comfortable and also cozy.
"Yummm". - Brook
It is an excellent to come house to a pot of beef stew cooking, knowing it will certainly be done gradually for dinner. The savory smell permeates the totality house. What is even greater 보다 eating beef stew is cooking it. No one is going to argue that it"s the most innovative food; it"s just good and simple. Ns told girlfriend what my mother puts in it, but there room so plenty of other means to do it. Friend can add almost anything you think would certainly taste good. You just put it every together and let it cook for a couple of hours. Allow the flavors to mingle and the textures to get just right. Lemons are certainly not a timeless ingredient in beef stew, but I think part lemon juice can be a tasty addition. The just real trick come beef stew is timing. Offer it too little time, and also the vegetables room raw and crunchy. Give it too lot time come cook, and also you"ll be left v a mushy blob the food. If you just absolutely forget around it and leave that to chef for much too long, it"ll dry out and also burn. If you have actually a bit of time and also some lemons, why not make beef stew? that won"t be the very first idea that comes to mind, but it could turn out fairly well in the end.Next time life gives you lemons, first, it is in glad for complimentary lemons! Second, take a action back, look approximately you, and also think of all the possibilities: ranging from the most apparent to the exceptionally abstract. Relax and give yourself and also your problema bit of timeto job-related out.

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Maybe you can even make some beef stew and also tell me exactly how it transforms out.P.S. You deserve to watch Andy Milonakis gaining high here (0:57) :P