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Question - (1 November 2006) 5 Answers - (Newest, 14 October 2010)A female,anonymouswrites:

this guy told me store in touch...i presume he wanted to still keep in contact. For this reason why haven"t ns heard indigenous him? it"s to be 4 month now. What go it median when a guy says save in touch?

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A reader, anonymous, writes (14 October 2010):

If u really care for a human being u want jst walk far or let that person get a way from u.. Both suppose to store in touch... Therefore if the male didnt contact or txt.. U care for the u should contact him... Usually men prefer to check there ladies to see whether the gurl speak wat castle mean.. If no reply then he dt desire u.. U never ever wait til 4mo any way... The is a authorize that person never want u nor care for u... If neither tried come reponse median both didnt care for each other... The was every bout words and never from the hea

A reader, anonymous, writes (1 November 2006):

maybe he was waiting for girlfriend to call him, he can be too shy to make the an initial move.

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A femalereader, bellachic385 +, write (1 November 2006):

First offer him a contact or an email and unless he writes or calls earlier then relocate on girl friend deserve way better. Something might have happened and his intentions could have been good but he can just say the to everyone since he doesn"t have the guts come say what he means.

4 months is a long time to no hear from someone that method something come you.

Good Luck.

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A reader, anonymous, to write (1 November 2006):

It"s not so much a man thing. The is simply an expression people - guys and girls - say to someone, isn"t it?

I think maybe you have taken it as well literally. Or possibly the guy has actually been sending out you combined messages?

If you wanted to speak to him, might you have actually contacted him? I median - surely friend haven"t been waiting around for 4 months hoping he would speak to you? that would just be silly. Give him a call, or contact him - if you want to remain in contact.


A femalereader, Lorraine31 +, to write (1 November 2006):


don"t worry. People say the all the time yet how many of united state actually execute keep in touch. Its a quite flimsy speak anyway and also not very solid.

give him a contact or write to him, the did say to you to store in touch... If you have no resolve or phone call number you will have to wait and see if he ever before gets in touch with you however don"t host your breath. Having said the sometimes guys need a gentle push in the best direction and also a phone speak to or letter will median that you have actually indeed tried to save in touch!! finest of luck

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