Production the the Dukes that Hazzard started in November 1978, initially with the intention to create just nine episodes. The an initial five episodes to be filmed in Covington, Georgia, and surrounding areas. These first five episodes attribute a noticeably various tone native the rest of the series, including some more adult-oriented humor, v some raunchier elements and slightly coarser language.

After completing manufacturing on the fifth episode, executives in ~ Warner Brothers were impressed by the perfect episodes and saw potential in emerging the present into a full-running series; part of this arrangement was to relocate production indigenous Georgia to the Warner brothers lot in California, mostly to leveling production, as well as developing a larger workshop to construct and service the huge number that vehicles the series would go through.

Use the menu over to navigate v all Georgia Filming Locations. It’s categorized in 6 key area’s; Covington, Conyers, Loganville, Oxford, social Circle and also Atlanta.

Covington AreaConyers AreaLoganville Area
Ace Parker used CarsCooter’s JunkyardDaisy Bikini Road
Black Tilly IntersectionMary Kaye Gas StationHigh Octane Arrest
Elm Street JumpHigh Octane JumpVirgil Moon Rd
Hazzard CourthouseSheriff’s OfficeDuke Farm
Railroad CrossingCooter Flips Police CarMoonshine Still
Sheridan Orphans HomeMary Kaye dust RoadWooden Bridge
Department of ecological ProtectionRepo guys Rippin Road
Starr Apartment

Oxford AreaSocial Circle AreaAtlanta Area
Candler HallMary Kaye jump BridgeAmphitheater
Seney HallOne equipped Bandits long RoadHood on slide Parking Lot
The Boars NestRepo males FieldStarr record Studio
Boss’ conference Bridge