In this class on the order of sharps and also flats, we will certainly be feather at just how to minimize the intricacy of the one of fifths come a few simple and easily memorized concepts. In bespeak to do memorization the the bespeak of sharps and also flats easier, we’re walking to apply a typically used mnemonic device as well as a couple of tricks that all musicians consisting of those of united state who’re not yet fluently readers can use because that a conveniently determining the sharps and flats of any major key.

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The order of Sharps

We will be looking at the bespeak of sharps and flats, but let’s start with the stimulate of sharps first.

Remember, the crucial of C major uses only natural notes, so it’s vital signature is indicated by the lack of any sharps or flats, due to the fact that the sharp keys move in a cycle of fifths, the next an essential with one sharp, five up from C is G. The sharp essential to produce G significant is F sharp, subsequently the sharps likewise appear one in ~ a time at fifth apart, five up native F spicy is C sharp, G sharp, D sharp, A sharp, E sharp and B sharp, one in ~ time till all seven notes space sharped.

Again the order of sharps is; F, C, G, D, A, E and also B. An easy way to remember that sequence is to use the memory technique of making those letters the an initial letters that words included into a memorable phrase. A commonly used expression that does precisely that is; Father Charles goes Down and Ends Battle, and also these spicy are placed in the an essential signature in the complying with positions; F sharp, C sharp, G sharp, D sharp, A sharp, E sharp and also B sharp.

The stimulate of Flats

Since the flat keys relocate in reverse circle that fifths, the next vital with one flat is F, a flat vital to create F significant is B flat. Each new flat will also be one of two people a fifth listed below or fourth above the last, 5 down four up from B level is E flat, then A flat, D flat, G flat, C flat and F flat, one at a time until all seven notes space flatted. The stimulate is B, E, A, D, G, C and F.

The mnemonic for flats is; Battle Ends and Down walk Charles Father which appear in the key signature in the adhering to positions; B flat, E flat, A flat, D flat, G flat, C flat and F flat.


Fortunately whoever created this mnemonic made particular that the phrase made perfect feeling forward for sharps and also reversed because that flats.

Quickly determining the key Signature

Here space a couple of points to psychic for conveniently determining the vital signature the both readers and also non-readers can use;

The last spicy to appear left to right is the raised 7th°, and the keynote despite is a semitone increase from that. Let’s say the we have actually a created score with 5 sharps in the vital signature, by reciting the an initial five indigenous of the phrase; dad Charles Goes down And, we uncover the fifth sharp is A. The very next note in musical alphabet is B, so 5 sharps in the an essential signature will put us in the key of B major, the same process can it is in reversed if through no chart accessible we are told the a piece is in the crucial of B significant we merely need to go backwards down the range to situate the elevated 7th° A and also then recite our sharp phrase up to that note, this way we quickly find that by raising; F C G D and also A we will be in the vital of B major.Each new flat is a 4th° apart, so the keynote do is either 4 down or five up which is the exact same as the ahead flat. Let’s to speak that we have five flats in the vital signature, by reciting ours phrase; battle Ends and also Down Goes, we find the 5th flat is G flat, this being the 4th° Fa, we know that we can locate do by counting four down or 5 up i beg your pardon is the very same as the ahead flat; D flat, 5 flats put us in the crucial of D flat. Conversely without a composed score if we are told to play in the an essential of D flat, we just count up four or down five to G i m sorry is the lowered 4th degree and also the last level in the crucial signature then we recite the level phrase approximately that keep in mind to quickly discover that through lowering B E A D and also G, we will be in the key of D flat significant or quicker yet as soon as we have actually two or an ext flats and we recognize that the 2nd last level is Do, simply recite the level sequence one keep in mind pass perform to discover all the flats in that key.

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Now that we’ve pulled the curtains aside and also study the inner functions of music, that is time to apply the mnemonics, reasonable questions and also practical tricks disputed in this lessons. With practice we deserve to be together fluent in this universal language as we room in our indigenous speaking language; given time we deserve to become an extremely comfortable through all things connected to crucial signatures and the bespeak of sharps and flats.