Alone in the bunkhouse, George thanks Slim for offering Lennie a pup. Slim comment on Lennie"s capability to work-related hard and mentions the it is apparent Lennie is not too bright. Slim then asks why Lennie and George go about together due to the fact that most the the ranch hands he"s checked out are constantly alone and "ever it seems to be ~ to give a damn about nobody."

Feeling comfortable v Slim, George defines that that knew Lennie"s aunt. After she death, Lennie just naturally began staying through George and following him around. In ~ first, George welcomed Lennie"s company because he can play hoax on Lennie, who didn"t establish he to be being made fun of. Yet one day, George told Lennie come jump right into the Sacramento River, i m sorry Lennie did, even though the couldn"t swim. Lennie virtually drowned prior to George had the ability to pull that out, and since then, no much more jokes.

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George additionally confides in Slim around Lennie"s problem in Weed: when Lennie touch a girl"s dress, the girl screamed. Lennie obtained so scared the George had actually to fight him through a fence article to obtain him to let go. The girl declared she had been raped, and so Lennie and also George hid in an watering ditch and also left in the night.

Carlson enters and complains bitterly about the smell of Candy"s dog, offering to shoot the to put it the end of that is misery. Liquid looks to the various other guys, specifically Slim, for aid with this decision. Slim sides with Carlson, and so liquid reluctantly lets Carlson take it the dog the end for execution.

Later,Crooks comes in, announcing that Lennie is petting the pups too much in the barn. Whit, an additional ranch hand, asks George if he has actually seen Curley"s mam yet. George is noncommittal, and also Whit remarks on she provocative dress. They discuss going right into one that the city whorehouses that evening, and also George speak Whit he might go but only to have a drink since he is conserving his money because that a stake.

Curley enters, searching for his wife. Once he hears that she isn"t there and that Slim is in the barn, the goes to the barn. Whit and also Carlson follow, hoping because that a fight. Disgustedly, George remarks that a whorehouse is a lot much better for a male than jailbait, and also he mentions the story of a girlfriend who ended up in jail over a "tart." Lennie loses interest and also asks George as soon as again about their farm.

Candy overhears their discussion and offers to contribute $300 towards the cost, if George and Lennie will let him sign up with them. George at some point agrees, and also then the three men muse ~ above what their place will be like. They agree not to call anyone of your plans. Candy admits that should have shot his dog himself.

The other males filter back into the bunkhouse. Slim is angry at Curley for constantly asking around his wife. Curley, top top the defensive and also looking for someone to fight, picks a fight with Lennie and also punches that unmercifully. Lennie doesn"t defend himself until George speak him come fight back. Once Lennie does, that crushes all the skeleton in Curley"s hand.

Slim says they must get Curley to a doctor, yet he advises Curley that if he tells on Lennie and gets that fired, lock will spread the word about how Curley"s hand really acquired hurt and everyone will certainly laugh in ~ him. Badly shaken and also in pain, Curley agrees no to tell. George explains to Slim the Lennie didn"t average to hurt Curley; he was just scared.

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Because the what he has actually done, Lennie is afraid he won"t obtain to have tendency the hare on your farm. George speak Lennie the it was not his fault and that that will gain to tend the rabbits; then he sends Lennie off to to wash his face.