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If you"re no shooting you need to be moving. If you"re not relocating you must be reloading. If you"re no shooting, moving, or reloading, you must be taping or choose brass. - Z.C.
I still have a few Yellow crate of UMC and no point out of Remington. Oddly enough, the ammo cartridge part number is the exact same as the newer green colored Remington UMC.
UMC need to stand because that "Ultra average cartridge" well atleast once shooting 180gn .44magnums. Hot tiny suckers!!!! over 1600 fps
Absolutely correct, whatever else is somebodies guess. If you check out some older ammunition that is on the box.
UMC must stand for "Ultra average cartridge" fine atleast once shooting 180gn .44magnums. Hot small suckers!!!! over 1600 fps
hahaha glad im no the just one that assumed that. Ns remember one time walmart being the end of UMC"s so ns bought a box of WWB 44 mag. ~ firing i had actually to re-check package to make sure i didn"t to buy 44 specials.

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