perform you think you understand The King of Rock’ n’ role enough? indigenous Elvis Presley’s eye shade to the funny means he drank his coffee – the guy is not just remembered because that someone who reinvented American pop and inspired generations the performers, but and also a fascinating guy with unusual interests.

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While over there isn’t lot the windy doesn’t know around Elvis’ life, we were still able to conference little-known facts that are rarely told about the one and only King that Rock’ n’ Roll.

1. He had actually an identical twin brother.

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On January 8, 1935, Elvis Presley was born in ~ his parents’ two-room residence in eastern Tupelo, Mississippi, a tiny over half an hour after ~ his the same twin brother, Jesse Garon.

Tragically, Jesse was stillborn. He was hidden the following day in an there was no sign grave near the Presleys’ home. His continues to be were sadly never transferred to Memphis, for this reason Elvis put a headstone in his respect in Graceland.

2. He was a little bit of a germaphobe.

After his death, Elvis’ ex-wife Priscilla revealed the The King the Rock’ n’ roll was a germaphobe. In fact, he was so established to avoid other people’s virus to the point that the would lug his own silverware come restaurants or various other people’s homes. Also, that would just drink from where the take care of met the cup, believing that no one’s mouth or finger would’ve touched the area.

3. He’s a large tipper.

During an Elvis special, CNN host Larry King report a story that Elvis’ good generosity when he as soon as tipped his limo driver in Miami with the yes, really limousine.

There are actually numerous stories the Elvis’ giving. Even some that Lisa Marie’s finest memories of she father stem indigenous his generous and also charitable nature wherein that would acquisition vehicles and give them far to his employees and to arbitrarily people. He would make guest appearances to advantage charities, too.

So it’s no surprise once you’ll find numerous awards concerning his philanthropy in his home on the Graceland estate.

4. He has banned fish native Graceland.

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Elvis apparently hated the smell of fish being cooked so lot that he had it banned native Graceland. Follow to sources, Elvis hated the odor of the food that would remind that of his childhood poverty.