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Dawn Wilson

In this Wisdom UPGRADE, Dawn Wilson encourages the search of wisdomas early on as possible!


Today is my birthday, and also I"ve been reasoning a lot around aging and also what it means. As I meditated top top God"s objectives in mine life walk forward, a favourite proverb pertained to mind:

"We thrive too quickly old und too late shmart."

It is sometimes attributed come Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Danish, and also Jewish sources, yet usually, it"s thought about a "Pennsylvania Dutch" proverb—often seen on your pottery and souvenirs. Mine German-Dutch grandparents on my dad"s side supplied to talk around being "shmart."

I visited college in Pennsylvania, about two hrs north the Lancaster County—sometimes well-known as "Amish Country." as I understand it, the Pennsylvania netherlands aren"t necessarily Amish, but the Amish are Pennsylvania Dutch—but they"re not really Dutch. They"re German!

The Pennsylvania "Deutsch" (or Pennsylvania Germans) room the progeny of German-speaking immigrants.

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I toured Amish Country and had fun learning Pennsylvania dutch expressions throughout my 2 years in ~ college. Ns remember this two:

"Eat you yourself full."

"Outen the lights."

I supplied to speak those 2 phrases every the time.

But the was your proverbs that caught my thoughts.

Good marital relationship counsel because that women: "Kissin" attract out—cookin" don"t."Good marital relationship counsel because that men: "A plump wife and a huge barn never ever did any kind of man any kind of harm."

As ns noted, my favourite proverb was "We grow too soon old und also late shmart," because i was at college and also focusing on getting smart!

I should have focused on getting wise.

Smart and also wise are not the very same thing.

My year of schooling taught me numerous things. Ns love to review non-fiction, and I remember that as a young girl, ns devoured mine Grandma Parks" "Lincoln Library" in she attic. This early encyclopedia-type resource encouraged my pundit curiosity. I felt ns couldn"t discover enough! and also I learned a the majority of "facts."

But now, i wish I"d sought wisdom at that young age.

Not the being clever is bad. In fact, smartness isn"t just the truth we learn in school. "Street smarts" is a thing. And also people space gifted v all kinds of intelligences.

One source says there room nine varieties of intelligence.

Wisdom, however, goes past intelligence, and the holy bible rates it an ext valuable 보다 "smartness."

A person deserve to have an extremely high IQ and still it is in counted a fool. A person can be a genius and also have no sense.Some intellectually-superior people have even been considered evil. (Hitler was assumed to be a genius in details respects.)On the other hand, those who might be considered unlearned or slow can be truly wise.

The words "wise" and also "wisdom" appear in scripture an ext than 450 times, for this reason it"s other the lord wants us to consider.

The writer that Proverbs defined four animals as "wise" (Proverbs 30:24-28) to illustrate the practical application of wisdom for us.

Biblical wisdom is about understanding just how to behave and also choose correctly in different circumstances. It"s also around knowing how to finish God-given jobs well.

I think my variation of the old German proverb could be: "Too quickly old and too so late WISE!"

There are human being who face eternity v very tiny wisdom, since they failed come avail themselves of the wisdom that comes from God.

But as long as we"re alive, us don"t have actually to gain stuck there. Ours IQ can stay the exact same until we die, however we can constantly increase in wisdom—to mature and also go beyond the "milk" of words to "meat" (Job 32:7; Hebrews 5:12).

Wisdom is so necessary today.

Wisdom is miscellaneous we should teach ours children. Wisdom is for this reason needed in ours churches—what we have to hear proclaimed from our pulpits. Wisdom is what we must manifest in our communities to the glory that God.

Here space some biblical facts around Wisdom.

Today, mine birthday, ns am recommiting to a bible the mr reminded me around last year when I challenged a diagnosis of multiple Myeloma.

In those beforehand days, i didn"t know how long I"d live. It to be a hard ide to think about. Then I review Psalm 90:12.

So teach united state to number ours days that we may obtain a heart of wisdom.

A heart of wisdom. That"s what ns wanted more than anything. It ended up being a valuable thought, replacing my concerns around the size of mine life.

Later, the Lord provided me one more verse:

Look very closely then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, make the ideal use the the time, because the days are evil (Ephesians 5:15-16).

If ever we necessary wisdom, the is in these chaotic days. us need an ext than person intelligence, since God"s thoughts and ways are not our thoughts and also ways (Isaiah 55:8-9). Us desperately require His perfect wisdom and also perspective.

Wisdom sets people apart from world who are merely "smart."

Two of Jesus" disciples, Peter and John, were courageous in sharing the Gospel. People roughly them wonder at them, note they were "unschooled and also ordinary men," yet what a difference being with Jesus made in their resides (Acts 4:13).

Spending time v the Lord and also His word will give us courage, but additionally wisdom. He IS our wisdom native God (1 Corinthians 1:30).

So I"m larger today and also maybe a little smarter; yet my pleasure is to recognize wisdom have the right to increase as I allow God"s indigenous to change my thinking (Romans 12:2) and help me you re welcome the Lord.

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Can friend pray this through me?

Lord, I desire a heart of wisdom!

Are friend wise? How deserve to your wisdom increase?

Dawn Wilson,founder and President the Heart choices Today, is a speaker and also author,

and the creator the blog,Upgrade with Dawn. She is a contract researcher/reviewer because that women"s teacher and also revivalist, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, atRevive our Hearts, a blogger atTrueWoman.com, write wiki-type posts atChristianity.com, and also is a constant columnist atCrosswalk.com. She and her husband Bob live in sunny southern California, and Dawn has actually traveled through Him in Pacesetter worldwide Outreach. They have actually two grown, married sons, 3 granddaughters and also a rascally maltipoo, Roscoe.