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A fairy is born from a baby"s an initial laugh, and also sometimes traits of what the child will one day come to be influence the fairies figure or personality. Terence, like numerous other fairies, never thought twice about this. That is until one day as soon as Tinkerbell came in femur excitedly around a human being she had actually just met in Neverland who voice was the same to his.

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Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Friendship - Roxas, Ventus/Ven, Tinker Bell, Terrence - Chapters: 5 - Words: 12,487 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 3/18 - Published: 3/12 - Status: complete - id: 13520786

Jesse Mccartney voices Terrence in the Tinkerbell movies. Tinkerbell is in KH. Jesse mMccartney voices Roxas and Ventus in KH. Therefore ns say Pixie hollow is too and I make this reason randomness. That is all.


The day had ended and also Terence had finished his shift. Ultimately he might go home and also relax for the night. Once he obtained to his home though, the last point he supposed to check out was Tinkerbell was standing outside, peering right into his home window before going to knock top top his door repeatedly.


"Terence!" Tinkerbell exclaimed together she whipped roughly to view him. "I was wondering where you were! I"ve been waiting here for a bit now, wanting come tell friend something."

Terence chuckled lightly at her excitement. She constantly seemed to obtain a slight little bit scatterbrained as soon as it concerned something that really excited her. Despite the concern was, what was it? the knew he wouldn"t need to ask though. No doubt Tinkerbell was around to ramble his ear turn off in an attempt to call him.

"All right, go ahead and also tell me," Terence said.

Without an answer Tinkerbell pulled on his arm and also pulled him into his house. As quickly as she closed the door she began to define herself. "So you would certainly not think what taken place today! I typical you may think me but it to be still yes, really weird. Favor I didn"t even realize the myself until afterwards, yet then that was too late to carry out anything top top it. But I knew for sure I had the ideal thoughts and also then once you came and also greeted me i knew for sure again!"

"Whoa, slow-moving down Tink," Terence claimed holding up his hands. "What"s this all about? What go this have to do with me?"

"When i was out v Peter and also two of the shed Boys today, there was this boy. The shed Boys and also I never had seen that before, yet he was just sleeping ~ above the ground. Ns didn"t think much around it yet then he woke up and started talking. Again ns didn"t think anything was strange about him at first. Fine there were part strange things favor his clothes and also this weird sword he had, but-"

"Tink," Terence interrupted. The knew that if that didn"t shot to prevent her from going top top a tangent, they would never reach the yes, really reason. "The point?"

"Oh! Yeah, sorry. So he continued to be with united state for a while and also stuff and in the end he wanted this yes, really pretty solid star the I had found. I was walking to put it in the treasure chest that Peter had, however the boy… oh! His surname was Ventus through the way, but his nickname is Ven."

Terence provided her a look and she chuckled sheepishly. "Okay okay! earlier to the point. The much more I heard the talk, it finally dawned ~ above me. He has the exact same voice as you."


"I"m serious! He even kind that looks choose you. Well no really. His hair is a various blond color and also it"s all messy. Prefer it sticks up in all these weird directions and also looks prefer the wind messed it increase a bit, yet it all stays there perfectly fine. However he likewise does have blue eyes like yours!"

Terence tho felt a bit skeptical about this. Out of anything the Tinkerbell could have called him, this was not like anything he had expected. "I"m no the just one v blue eyes, remember?"

"I recognize I know! But… Ah… if you just heard his voice. It"s precisely the exact same as yours! It was so weird when I realized it."

"Well whereby is he? Can"t you take it me to him and also I have the right to judge because that myself?" Terence asked.

"You see… that"s the thing…" Tinkerbell started to say. "He kind of just vanished."

Terence elevated an eyebrow. "Vanished?"

"Not choose "poof" gone vanished. However the start thing I discussed before? He take it the star that he said belonged come a girlfriend of his, however when he took it, that glowed. Like really brighter, maybe simply as bright as the scepter did throughout the blue moon. And also when the light died down, he had gone turn off somewhere. Somehow that star had actually magic in it to send that flying turn off someplace else. Five you think me appropriate Terence? i swear ns am no making this up!"

"Hey, it"s all right, I believe you. It simply sounds a little weird, you know? How might a human have the exact same voice as me?"

"I"m no sure… however maybe over there is one answer? prefer we could look for something in the library!"

"You really think the there would certainly be something in the library because that why a person would supposedly have actually the exact same voice together me?"

"Not supposedly! but like nearly the precise same!"

"Okay," Terence stated as he placed a hand on Tinkerbell"s shoulder. "I believe you. How about the an initial thing tomorrow we go to the library and also see what we deserve to find. Sound good?"

Tinkerbell smiled and nodded. "Sounds choose a plan! and also hey, perhaps Ven will certainly come earlier and then i will have actually you two meet, and you can see what ns am talk about. And maybe if us can"t uncover anything climate we can go visit The Keeper. Perhaps he would actually recognize something about this! Oh! and also if we go there, i will totally have to visit Peri and tell her around this. She will entirely get a kick the end of hearing it!"

Terence laughed seeing Tinkerbell progressively growing more and more excited again. It to be still an odd thought to think about, however it had actually started to peak his curiosity. If Tinkerbell was telling the truth and wasn"t overage eating too much, then maybe there can be something to it. "All right, I have the right to agree to that. Sounds choose a funny plan."

Tinkerbell and Terence tried their best to look for answers in the library, yet they couldn"t find anything. There weren"t really any type of books labeled "humans who have the exact same voice as a fairy" or noþeles else like that. Castle tried come look though, searching through any type of books that had actually anything to execute with a fairies voice. However still in the end there were no answers.

Once they perfect looking around the library castle headed off to the Winter Woods to talk to The Keeper. Tinkerbell still held hope that possibly he would understand something around the situation. He was The keeper after all. That knew so much, for this reason why shouldn"t that know around this!

When they gained there and also Tinkerbell make the efforts her finest to describe the situation, that seemed simply as perplexed. "Hmm, I have never actually heard the something favor this. I never knew such a thing might be possible."

"So girlfriend mean… friend don"t recognize why a person would have actually the exact same sounding voice?" Tinkerbell asked, her hopes deflating slightly.

"I"m fear not. I"m terribly sorry," The goalkeeper replied. "But, I have the right to see if there is anything I deserve to look into. That doesn sound quite fascinating ~ all."

"Oh thank you! the would median so much to us!" Tinkerbell said, emotion a bit much better that probably there might be answers in the future.

But together time go on, over there weren"t any real answers. As soon as Tinkerbell checked out go examine in on The goalkeeper he told she he to be still trying to recognize the situation. He had theories, yet nothing can be solid until he looked into it further. Tinkerbell made sure to thank him, yet told him that he didn"t need to rush it. After ~ she had actually been left alone to think around it for a while, she knew that was not the most important thing ~ above the agenda.

Eventually enough time had passed the Tinkerbell wasn"t even sure it mattered any kind of more. It felt prefer so much time had passed now, and also Ventus never ever did come back. There is no him gift there, there to be no sure way she could prove what she had heard.

"Hey, you never know," Terence said. The had pertained to stop by come visit, knowing complete well that Tinkerbell was shed in she thoughts about the situation. "Maybe he will come back one day."

"Maybe…" Tinkerbell sighed heavily.

"Well if that does, ns am sure that you will let me know right away," Terence said prior to laughing lightly.

And that"s precisely what happened.

It may have been quite some time later, in fact numerous years later, yet to fairies who stayed in the magical realm of Neverland, that felt prefer no time in ~ all. However sure sufficient Tinkerbell flew up to Terence one said, through the very same excited power she had all those years ago.

"Terence! Terence! you won"t believe it! He came back!"

It took Terence a couple of moments to process Tinkebell"s suddenly appearance appropriate in his face, however he recovered fairly quickly. "Wait… who came back?"

"Ah! The boy remember? The one young who had actually the very same voice together you! At least I think that is him…" Tinkerbell trailed off, actually sounding a little unsure of herself.

"What execute you typical you think? I assumed you were details that he had actually the exact same voice together me."

"Well it is the exact same voice. I know that. And also he looked the precise same with the funny messy hair and also all that. Yet his outfit is different… and also he doesn"t seem come remember me."

"Well it has been favor over 10 year you know, I"ve heard that human beings don"t always have the best memory," Terence responded.

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"No… the can"t be that. That looks just the exact same as the did all those years ago."

Now this was fairly the surprise. "He hasn"t aged? Without gift in Neverland?"

"I guess. I average it is possible. Mental what i told you about what happened a year earlier with me, Peter and also Captain Hook?"

"Yeah ns remember. You said that Captain Hook"s ship to be flying through an are itself and also that there to be other locations out there as well as the Mainland."

"Exactly! So maybe there is another place out there the is as with Neverland! cause how else might he not grow up if the wasn"t here?"

"Well… ns don"t know. However I am guessing you desire me to come through you right? for this reason I can see him in person."

Tinkerbell"s excitement fell and also was changed with a more annoyed look. "Well ns would have actually if he in reality stuck roughly to help!"

"What happened?"

Tinkerbell huffed and also began to pace. "I to be trying to attend to him because Peter is far for ideal now, yet I necessary help. Therefore I assumed seeing that again he would want to assist like that did before. But then there to be the totality not mental part. I even gave the a tiny little of pixie dust so he can fly. I was hoping the he would remember and also then come to assist me out, however then he just went turn off on his own way. It"s just argh! i don"t understand what he believed he to be doing! i tried to tell him, however like all other human beings the only thing the hears from me is bells."

"So that is unable to do again?"

"Yeah he is! It"s choose I simply won"t be able to ever prove that I"m not crazy around this!" Tinkerbell shouted, throwing she arms up into the air.

"Hey, it"s okay Tink. I believe you, ns really do. But I assumption: v this may not work-related out. Uneven we need to wait one more 10 years, possibly then you will finally be able to show me."

Tinkerbell pouted in ~ him but he simply laughed the off. At some point Tinkerbell loosed up enough to laugh together well. "Yeah… okay. I"m glad you believe me though. I simply wish I might actually present it."