Michael Shure is a nationwide Correspondent because that NewsNation. Shure was an elderly National Correspondent and also Los Angeles office Chief because that i24 News, the global cable network, and covered electoral politics, and also breaking news from about the United states for Cheddar News. He to be Chief politics Correspondent for Al Jazeera America, working v the network throughout its’ entire three-year operation to administer political reporting and analysis to networks all end the world.

Previously, he anchored “The war Room through Michael Shure,” a one-hour news and political show airing weeknights on existing TV. At Current, Shure was the politics Correspondent and also anchor across the network’s programming, including for The Young Turks show. Michael is known to The Young Turks audience as “Epic national politics Man,” and has been with the online network due to the fact that its formation, including as host of the interview regime “Reasonably Shure.” Michael was a correspondent for CNN’s “NewsStand” series, profiling brand-new entertainment talent for the network. He worked at WNBC in new York, and is one alumnus the the renowned NBC page program.

Michael has performed v Los Angeles’ Groundling Theater and also has had small roles in films and TV series ranging native “Showgirls” come “Curb your Enthusiasm.”

Michael to be born and also raised in brand-new York City. The is a graduate of the college of Virginia and also lives in Los Angeles v his son, Owen.

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