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A ________ network have the right to contain servers and individual computers.A) client/serverB) peer-to-peerC) switchD) star

In a ________ network, each node associated to the network communicates directly with every other node.A) client/serverB) peer-to-peerC) routerD) bridge

A ________ supplies the Internet interactions infrastructure to develop a secure and also private network.A) PANB) WANC) VPND) HAN

A(n) ________ server tracks that is logging on come the network as well as which solutions on the network are available to every user.A) applicationB) authentication C) dedicatedD) file

A print server uses a publish ________ together a software application holding area for work waiting to it is in printed.A) stackB) spoolerC) loggerD) heap

Ring networks use the ________ method to protect against data collisions.A) packet screeningB) active-checkC) tokenD) passive-check

The end of the cable in a bus network use a(n) ________ come absorb signals so that they room not reflected ago to network components that have already received the signals.A) endcap B) terminatorC) stopperD) block

In a ________ network, data collisions deserve to occur reasonably easily since the network is essentially composed that a single cable.A) Star B) BusC) HierarchicalD) Cluster

Which of the following is the most commonly used client/server network topology?A) StarB) ClusterC) RingD) Hierarchical

In an Ethernet network, the signal the is sent out to suggest a signal collision is called a ________ signal.A) hitB) crashC) stopD) jam

A ________ topology uses much more than one topology when building a network.A) hybridB) multiple-useC) fusionD) crossover

________ is the lot of data that can betransfer throughout a transmission tool in a particular amount the time.A) Data capacityB) ScalabilityC) BandwidthD) Infusion

Which that the following is no a variable to think about when selecting network cabling?A) Cable diameterB) InterferenceC) Maximum run lengthD) Bandwidth

________ cable is NOT topic to electromagnetic interference or radio frequency interference.A) Twisted-pairB) Fiber-opticC) PolycarbonateD) Coaxial

For company networks, i m sorry of the complying with is not a key cable type?A) Twisted-pairB) DuplexC) CoaxialD) Fiber-optic

Most home networks use ________ cable, which is most susceptible come interference.A) fiber-opticB) unshielded twisted-pairC) Wi-FiD) coaxial

________ is the standard interactions protocol used on most client/server networks.A) EthernetB) NOSC) TCP/IPD) VPN

The physical address assigned every network adapter is referred to as its ________.A) network accessibility control (NAC)B) physical address control (PAC)C) network physical deal with (NPA)D) media access control (MAC)

A ________ keeps your computer system safe by determining that is trying to access it.A) gatewayB) firewallC) hubD) switch

Packet ________ is a form of protection for your computer that watch at each packet the comes right into your computer network.A) viewingB) sniffingC) scanningD) screening

A(n) ________ server is a greatly secured server located in between a company"s secure interior network and also its firewall.A) transitionalB) armoredC) bastion hostD) proxy

Configuring one account come disable itself after a set variety of login attempts making use of invalid passwords is a technique of countering a ________.A) brute force attackB) spammerC) wormD) Trojan horse

________ means that additional users can easily be added without affect the power of the various other network nodes.

A(n) ________ is used solely by a pick group that employees, customers, suppliers, volunteers, or supporters.

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