Sulfite ion, also written as sulphite, is an ion that is current in numerous binaries salts mostly used in chemical industries.

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Formula and structure: The sulphite ion chemical formula is SO32-. The molar fixed is 80.06 g/mol. The is developed by one focused sulfur cation S4+ and three oxygen anions O2-. The geometry is trigonal pyramid v the three oxygen atoms creating the base and also over the sulfur atom, there is a lone pair the electrons. Its chemical structure deserve to be composed as below, in the typical representations offered for essential molecules.


Occurrence: Sulfites occur in nature. These salts have the right to be produced by the organisms of plants and also animals. They can be ingested from various vegetables i m sorry contain them.

Preparation: Sulfite ion are provided to ready the differents sulfite salts. Over there are countless methods to achieve them and the an approach depends top top the cation the is developing the salt. In general, this salts are prepared from the sulfur dioxide, i beg your pardon produces the anion biosulfite when dissolved in water. The bisulfite ion is the conjugated mountain of the sulfite ion and both room in equilibrium in aqueous solutions:

SO2 + H2O ⇌ HSO3− + H+

HSO3− ⇌ SO32− + H+

Physical properties: Sulfite ion physical nature in basic depend ~ above the cation the is bound to it, forming the different sulfite salts. Some of salts space white solids (as the sodium, potassium or calcium sulfite) and also are soluble in water.

Chemical properties: Sulfite ion can kind a selection of salt and every one of them are very stables. The sulfite is a steady ion due to three oxygen atoms space bound through a twin and two solitary bonds, yet it stays as a resonant framework in which the 3 atoms are bound v a bond the has characteristics of solitary and dual bonds. This structure have the right to stabilize the two an adverse charges, making the ion stable.

Uses: The sulfite salts are mostly used together food preservatives, such together the calcium sulfite, the potassium sulfite and sodium sulfite. Castle are offered as a dried certified dealer too, specifically for fruits. Part sulfites are additionally used to create the caramel color food coloring.

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Health results / safety and security hazards: Sulfite ions space not flammable and in general, moderate consume of this salts is not dangerous because that health, although it have the right to be reported as one of the most allergic preservatives.