boosting performance making use of the windows Defragmenter tool

Summary: improving performance using the home windows Defragmenter toolSee less boosting performance making use of the windows Defragmenter tool

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Disk Defragmenter Overview

Regularly to run the disk Defragmenter utility boosts system performance. When the computer system saves files, it pieces the documents into pieces and also saves the pieces in various areas on the hard drive. Windows takes longer to accessibility files because it requires additional disk drive reads to discover the pieces.

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The procedure of finding and consolidating fragmented files is dubbed defragmentation. Decaying Defragmenter consolidates the pieces to one location on the decaying drive. As a result, home windows accesses documents faster, and brand-new files are less likely to be fragmented.

The next steps define how to run Disk Defragmenter in the Microsoft windows Vistaand Microsoft windows XP operating systems. The final step describes how come troubleshoot unexpected conditions with disc Defragmenter.

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Run decaying Defragmenter

Click Start, click All Programs, suggest to Accessories, suggest to System Tools, and also then click Disk Defragmenter. In the User Account Control window, click Continue. In the disc Defragmenter window, pick or deselect Run on a schedule.Depending ~ above your consumption habits, schedule disc Defragmenter to run weekly or monthly. (To adjust the defragmentation schedule, click the Modify schedule button, pick the desired schedule options, and click OK.). Click Defragment Now. After ~ the defragmentation is complete, click Close.

Run decaying Defragmenter

Click the Start
button, point to All Programs, allude to Accessories, suggest to System Tools, and also then click to pick Disk Defragmenter to screen the Disk Defragmenter window. Native the Disk Defragmenter window, click to highlight the drive to be defragmented. Click Defragment. Depending upon the dimension of the drive, it might take numerous minutes because that the defragmentation procedure to complete.Do not open any other programs at this time. As soon as the Disk Defragmenter home window appears after ~ the defragment procedure is complete, click Close.

Troubleshooting decaying Defragmenter

If girlfriend encounter difficulties running disk Defragmenter, try the following:

departure other programs prior to beginning disc defragmentation, consisting of programs to run in the background. Disconnect native the Internet and also then revolve off anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. Log in on as Administrator or as a member the the Administrators group to run Disk Defragmenter. Examine to view if the computer is top top a network. Network policy might prevent friend from running Disk Defragmenter. Eliminate the computer system from the network to correct this condition. Ensure the the hard disk gift defragmented contends least 15% totally free space. Error Messages If the article Drive materials Have Changed: Restarting
shows up while to run Disk Defragmenter, describe the Microsoft understanding Base Article: ""Drive"s contents Have Changed: Restarting" Message when You usage Disk Defragmenter"

For much more information about troubleshooting the decaying Defragmenter, refer to the Microsoft Support

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