Ruger M77 rifles are for sale day-to-day at You have the right to buy this popular bolt activity rifle make by Ruger through one of the numerous sellers listing their products here at, the world"s largest gun auction site. Ruger has actually a rich legacy of producing quality firearms, and also the made-in-America M77 rifle is no exception. Native the M77, i m sorry was introduced in 1968, to the retooled mark II (1991) and also Hawkeye (2006), the Ruger M77 has been relied on through hunters and sportsmen alike for an ext than four decades due to its accuracy and durability. sellers update their listings frequently, therefore if you"re looking to buy a Ruger M77 in a particular caliber - castle are easily accessible in loads from .204 come .416 - check back often.

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Ultra rarely Ruger M77 note II 7.62x39 Skeleton Zytel stock Collector

Winchester Weatherby Remington Kimber Cooper Sauer

Ultra rarely Ruger M77 note II 7MM MAG Skeleton Zytel stock Collector

HK SIG Winchester Weatherby Anschutz Kimber Cooper

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Ruger M77 in 243 victory BORN 1968 * first YEAR production * 3 digit SERIAL #

#542 level BOLT tang SAFETY at an early stage COLLECTOR RUGER

1993 Ruger M77 note II .243 win Blued 17.5" *AMAZING MANNLICHER MODEL* NIB

Orig Box/Papers...NEW OLD share EXAMPLE...Penny