Melissa Gilbert payment tribute to one extremely iconic actor when she posted a belated “tbt” on Friday afternoon. The article featured a poignant memory of herself while on the collection of Little residence on the Prairie v “the scarecrow of Oz himself,” ray Bolger.

The touching article includes a photograph of the Little home on The Prairie star laughing with Ray Bolger as the top Hollywood player hams it up because that the camera as just he knows how.

“I missed #tbt yesterday so here’s a belated one,” Melissa Gilbert wrote on the poignant Instagram post that you deserve to see here.

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“Me and also the scarecrow of Oz himself,” the actress wrote.

“My pal ray Bolger,” ongoing Melissa Gilbert in the Insta post. “I honestly can not even begin to to express what a thrill it to be to occupational with him.”

Melissa Gilbert went on to remember fondly she time on the small House collection with Bolger.

“He to be wonderfully sort to me,” she said. “I’m telling you, much of mine life really does seem choose a dream.”

Bolger’s Time with Melissa Gilbert on ‘Little House’

In the fifth season the Little home on the Prairie, beam Bolger joined the cast of the well-known series.

It was right here that the top actor gained to know the young Melissa Gilbert that played the famed Laura Ingalls ~ above the popular little House on the Prairie television series.

On the wildly famous television series, i m sorry is based upon the memoirs that Laura Ingalls Wilder published under the exact same name, Bolger played Toby Noe.

Ray Bolger made two guest appearances top top the tv show, one in There’s No place Like Home (part one), and the other in Dance v Me.

Ray Bolger’s character, Toby Noe is a man who won the lottery, coming to be quite wealthy. However, that soon uncovered himself in poverty once again ~ gambling his winnings away. He at some point runs into the Ingalls family members when he returns to Walnut Grove.

The most Iconic Scarecrow

Ray Bolger is known throughout the generations together the endearingly goofy and also clumsy scarecrow pal that Dorothy ~ above The magician of Oz. He join the young Dorothy, her dog Toto, the tinman, the lion, and also a menagerie that pals top top a trip to ask the Wizard of Oz because that a brain. Each to be on a mission: Dorothy to return home to Kansas, the lion to uncover courage, and also the tinman to obtain a heart.

The above actor discovered fame on MGM’s The wizard of Oz, as well as in a range of films; such as Disney’s renowned 1961 movie, Babes In Toyland.

During his effective Hollywood career, Bolger made frequent guest appearances in a range of shows over the years.

Ray Bolger portrayed Shirley Partridge’s dad on The Partridge Family.

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He likewise guest-starred in The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, and Diff’rent Strokes.