If you doubt you’re pregnant, you’re most likely on an emotionally roller coaster. It’s crucial to take a check to check your suspected pregnant as shortly as possible. The sooner friend know, the sooner girlfriend can start considering your alternatives or begin your prenatal care. Usage the test v your very first urination the the day. First-morning urination has the greatest levels the the pregnant hormone dubbed human reasonable gonadotropin, or hCG. The QuickVue pregnant tests detects the visibility of hCG in your urine to determine pregnancy.

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Step 1

Remove your QuickVue pregnancy test indigenous the package. Location it ~ above a flat surface, prefer a countertop.

Step 4

Place three drops the urine into the round area significant “Sample Well” on her test. Make certain your check is tho laying flat. Discard the rest of your urine sample.

Step 5

Wait 3 minutes, then read your test. If you watch one blue line located next to the “C” and also no other lines, your test an outcome is negative, or no pregnant. If you watch the blue line and a violet line alongside the “T” her test result is positive, or pregnant.

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Step 6

Wait one week and also test again if girlfriend haven’t gotten your period. If this test additionally reveals that you room not pregnant, watch your doctor. You could be pregnant and producing low levels that hCG, or you could have a medical problem that’s affecting your periods.

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