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I have actually never changed the power steering liquid for my auto until today. The liquid was so black and also dirty. It is an alleged to be clear and also clean. I recently experienced hard transforming and I determined to shot complete power steering liquid flush today. Ns didn"t believe regular fluid readjust because a lot of dirty liquid should it is in still grounding in the line and the pump. I needed finish fluid flush. Upon research, i learned simple flush an approach as follows.The pictures in this posting is no my own, however I acknowledge that I copied from Hyundai Forum and also Toyota Nation. 1. Power steering fluid: Hyundai owner"s hands-on requires PSF-3 power steering liquid only. It is sold just at the Hyundai dealers and it"s quite expensive. Someone says that the same fluid sold at Kia certified dealer are lot cheaper. I need two quarts come flush and also to refill the fluid in the strength steering system. I saw a Kia dealer, but they have only pint sizes and I should buy 12 bottles and it costs $44. The components clerk honestly recommend me that I deserve to buy the same liquid from O"Riley"s in ~ much lower price.Through research, I found out the Valvoline Maxilife strength steering fluid for high mileage automobile plus avoid leak have the right to substitute PSF-3. Remember, Hyundai is no a chemical company and it rebrands fluid bought from chemical companies. Likewise, ns don"t believe "genuine Hyundai engine oil"I bought 2 quarts native O"Riley"s. 2. Important tools and also suppliesClear plastic tubing roughly 5" (3/8" ID). You have the right to buy 10" parcel from residence Depot or Lowe"s for less than $5. Little pliers, tiny funnel. Some civilization use a turkey baster or hand pump to suck the end the old fluid from the reservoir, yet the opened in the reservoir is too tiny to insert it. I don"t think you need either one.Old clothing, old socks and rags come cover the neighboring area such as belts and alternator from spilling damages. One empty can of corns. Oil container.Rubber plug or putty. Gloves.A role of file towel because that clean up.Jack and also jack stands, wheel chock. An assistant such together your lovely wife or girlfriend.3. Procedurea) move the stress clamp for the fluid tube far from the reservoir and disconnect the optimal suction line. Instantly ar a have the right to under the liquid outlet. Location old socks under and catch dripping fluid. B) Likewise, disconnect the bottom return line and also catch liquid using a can. C) Clean the within the reservoir v a piece of amount say or rag and also spray degreaser. D) Reconnect the upper suction heat to the reservoir.e) Plug the return line opening of the reservoir with a rubber cap or putty. F) optimal off the reservoir with new power steering fluid and also place a funnel on the opening.g) affix the clear plastic tube right into the return line and guide it through the fender to the oil container top top the ground.h) currently raise the former of the vehicle. Support it with jack stands and wheel chock.i) open the liquid bottle and hold it end the funnel and be ready to pour in come the reservoir instantly as liquid level drops. Friend don"t have time to open up so many little bottles. That"s why you have to buy quart size. It additionally saves money. Insert the ignition key. Rotate it come "ACC", however don"t start the engine.j) have actually your assistant to rotate the wheel slowly all the method to right and to the left. Black dirty fluid will begin to come out through the return line. In ~ the exact same time, keep pouring the fluid into the reservoir. The reservoir is small, so refill slowly and also don"t spill. The reservoir will be empty in a issue of a couple of seconds, therefore don"t permit it walk down as well low and also cause wait sucked right into the line or damages the system. K) proceed until every the dirty liquid came out and until girlfriend cannot view any an ext air pockets in the plastic tubing and also start to see consistent flow that clear brand-new fluid, then tell the assistant to stop turning the wheel. L) Disconnect the plastic tube from the return line and immediately reconnect the return line right into the reservoir after ~ removing the cap. Wipe out any type of spilled fluid. M) remove the jack stands and also lower the vehicle. N) Test drive a couple of blocks and refill the liquid to the preferably level and test drive again. You will certainly feel smooth and also quiet steering wheel handling.

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Finally, don"t forget to bring the old liquid to a recycling center adjacent such as any type of auto parts store. Don"t pollute the environment.