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To do:*More differences between puzzles have the right to be uncovered here.

Note: The oriental version provides the exact same puzzles together the european version, v the exemption of Puzzle 30 where it offers the very same puzzle together the JP/US version.

This web page details local differences because that Professor Layton 2.

Puzzles adjusted in the united state Version

Puzzle 7: The us version asks wherein a particular person is sitting based on hints. The JP version has instead a numerical puzzle:

As shown by the map, over there are four tables for 4 people, seating a complete of 16. For all the guests, either following or opposite castle is sit someone of the opposite sex.If over there are much less men, what is the minimum number of men compelled to fill the restaurant?Remember the there is a course that runs between the tables, seat on either next of the route are quiet "next" to every other.

Puzzle 8: The united state version has actually a numerical puzzle where we must uncover out what go Luke order for dinner based upon some hints. It was slightly modified over the JP version, possibly due to the fact that of alcohol references:

Written on the food selection is: "For the civilization travelling, we charge a 20% organization charge".Luke and Layton had actually one drink each, and each had actually at least one point to eat. Castle didn"t bespeak anything more than once, and the invoice was exactly $60. Tick the points they ordered on the menu below. Of course, Luke doesn"t drink alcohol.The menu:

DRINKS: Orange Juice : $4 | to apologize Juice : $5 | Beer: $13 | Red Wine: $21 | White Wine: $24 |MEALS: Sandwich: $12 | Potato Salad: $11| Soup : $16 | Spaghetti: $18 | Roast Beef : $35 |

Puzzle 11: The us version has a woodland to divide to 4 zones each through one tree. The JP version has instead the adhering to puzzle:

From the home window of the train, the scenery moves in three various speeds. Indigenous fastest to slowest: foreground, center ground and also background. However, in ~ one point, the direction of the see changes, and also the center ground proper moves.Where is this point?

Puzzle 28: The us version asks i m sorry of the provided patterns are given by the axle the a moving wheel. The JP variation is… odd come say the least:

The number shown below on the best is known as "ルーロー"s Triangle". Favor shown, that is a it is provided triangle v its sides rounded. This shape, favor a circle, has actually a broad (diameter) the is the very same from each side. Therefore, if provided as a wheel, the height of the object it is stop up will not adjust as it rolls and also as long as the surface ar is flat.Which two shapes out the the complying with shapes will certainly have comparable properties to the "ルーロー"s triangle"?

Puzzle 36: A bird dropped in a hole, and also you need to save him! only in the united state version, you have actually to aid him go through an secret maze.

In the JP one, you are told to use something commonly found in a park to help him walk out, discovering that the feet is deep and also curved, therefore you can not reach under to the bottom by hand. Also, the surface is hard, so you cannot make the hole bigger. You have to type the price in hiragana.

Oddly enough, the JP different was interpreted in the united state release! over there is one unused puzzle in the us version, i m sorry is precise English translate in of the JP variant of this puzzle, under the name “Bird in a Hole”. The answer is inputted with four English letters, and also is the exact same as the JP one, only translated. The is unknown why they eliminated it also from the united state version.

Puzzle 56: friend must find out the door’s code. In the united state version, you have to rearrange cards v geometrical shapes in the exactly order.

In the JP version, you have to rotate the given numbers to type a message: 3 3 3 3 0 0 7

Puzzle 65: In the united state version you need to decrypt a sweetheart map. In the JP version, you need to summarize an over-lengthy coded war message (It roughly means “We have lost”).

Puzzle 68: Layton is told : “Leave your hat here”, yet he isn’t quite willing to oblige, due to reasons revealed in the sequel. In the us version, the “hat” he pipeline is a simple outline that need to be uncovered in a confound pattern.

The JP variation is by far the many interesting: You should flip the other hats to kind the English word for “HAT”.

Puzzle 75: The united state replacement puzzle is very comparable to the Puzzle 11 one. The Japanese variation is, when again, a numerical puzzle:

There space 3 boxes, and in every box, there space 2 pastries. A box with 2 cookies, a box through a cookie and a candy, and a box v 2 candies.When i closed my eyes and also took one thing, it to be a cookie. How numerous times larger is the opportunity that i took the cookie from package with 2 cookie than package with one of each?

The united state version has an unused puzzle which is one English translation of the JP different of this puzzle.

Puzzle 82: In the us version, you must affix the wires to deal with the puzzle. The JP puzzle is pun-based: “Look carefully and press the switch to unlock the exit”, whereby the prize is for some reason 5.

Puzzle 94: Eight little identical cubes have been linked to type a larger one. In the united state version, you room asked which letter is ~ above the emphasize face.

The JP version has you instead find out wherein the point X is, knowing that if the size of PA to be 1 unit, and also PB was 2 units, climate the X allude on the cube will be 3 systems away from P. That course as soon as talking around length, we median in right lines.

Puzzle 96: The united state version asks from which among the presented wood slabs was reduced the “ghost” wooden figure. The JP version has instead you find the covert message about a monster behind the piece of paper enclosed with the hintama (fireball ghost) photos. The systems is… “Just kidding”.

Puzzle 145: A number puzzle about pearls in the united state version, this was originally about dates in the JP version, the was excessively straightforward for a 70-picarat puzzle:

Writing the date is different relying on country. For example, because that March 5th, in America, that is composed as "3.5", however in Britain and many components of Europe, the is composed as "5.3".That way, that is hard to identify whether they to be trying to write March 3th or may 3rd.Now then, in one year, how times does this occur?

Puzzles readjusted in the EU Version

Puzzle 30: while the JP and US versions have actually the fountain kind a vertically-symmetrical English word which have to be gotten in as a solution, the european version has a date instead of a word.

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Puzzle 52: Albeit the puzzle is the same type in both versions, there are some alterations in the europe version about the solution.

Puzzle 139: The puzzle description in the us version has an error: it claims that brand-new York"s timezone is three hrs behind Los Angeles", as soon as it need to be the other way around. The EU variation corrects this.