Moon Confidant benefits in Persona 4 Golden

All points are while having a Moon Persona.

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Rank 2

Response 1why carry out you buy so much? +0We’ll need to come ago +3Stop complaining +0
Response 2Sure +0Buy it yourself +3Let’s split one +1
Response 3Sounds prefer a great idea +0That’d be kind of boring +0

Rank 3

Response 1Come shopping through me. +2Let’s just chill +2Why are we right here again…? +0
Response 2I appreciate it +2Not specifically +3
Response 3Can’t you it is in nice? +0You coulda speak to him… +0That was downright cruel… XAre look at everything? +0

Rank 4

Response 1Stop them (Sports society +3)Ignore castle (Sports club +2)
Response 2Did friend Hear them? +3Hey, Let’s walk +3

Rank 5

Response 1What room you talking about? (Sports club +2)You’re welcome (Sports society +2)I didn’t do much +2
Response 2He most likely does – Have a tiny confidence +2I wouldn’t understand –…… +2
Response 3No trouble +0No gonna happen! –

Rank 6

Response 1Try to calm down +0Come end here… +0I’ll listen you out +0
Response 2You’re tho young +0He just doesn’t understand you +0I’ll yell at him later on +0
Response 3I’ll be your boyfriend -> Romance….. -> Response 4
Response 4I don’t really treatment -> Short Romance

Rank 7 (Romance)

Response 1I don’t mental +3About time you claimed it +?
Response 2Because we’re friends +3You have a to like on me +3Because I’m special to you +3

Rank 8

Response 1Happens all the time +3You deserve to be so devilish +3Are friend okay v that? +?

Rank 9

Response 1Help she +0See What wake up +0
Response 2Thank girlfriend +3Are you every right? +3That to be reckless of girlfriend +3

Rank Max (Romance)

Response 1Accept that -> RomanceReject her -> No Romance

Rank 7 (Short Romance)

Response 1Cute apparel +3Sexy apparel +3Casual apparel +0
Response 2Yep +3We are? +?
Response 3Of food you space +3Not yes, really +?What’s not correct +0

Rank 8 (Short Romance)

Response 1Of course +3What’s dorn -> Repeat
Response 2Naturally +3Do ns really need to say it? -> Repeat

Rank 9 (Short Romance)

Response 1Why? +?I don’t want that +0You’re being selfish +0
Response 2That’s not true +3Then let’s uncover your worth +2You decision your own worth +3
Response 3I’m no going anywhere +0Well, that might happen… +0You can’t live in fear +0
Response 4Sure +3I knew the totality time +3We need time apart -X

Rank Max (Short Romance)

Response 1 Of course I will +0I’ll carry out my best… +0You’re strong enough currently +0


Southern to buy District

Response 1Aren’t you going a bit overboard? +2You need to be much more serious +0You’re cute there is no all the +3

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