However, using everyday objects to compare to the length or width of a meter, which is simply slightly longer than a solitary yard, can make estimating exactly how long a meter is much simpler.

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Here is a list of 8 items that are about 1 meter long.

1-meter equals 100 centimeters or 3.28 feet.

1. A Refrigerator’s Width

Although refrigerators differ in both height and also width, many standard refrigerators are around 1 meter across.

Refrigerators are obtainable in a conventional width in order to do purchasing and also fitting them right into an present kitchen arrangement simpler.

Of course, various refrigerator styles and also brands can be slightly much more or much less than a meter across, but picturing a refrigerator’s broad can aid you calculation what 1 meter watch like.


2. A Guitar

Although they might seem shorter, many guitars are around 1 meter long.

This measurement consists of the body and neck that the instrument.

Different guitar species and layouts will vary slightly in length, and also acoustic and electric guitars may not be fairly the same shape or size.

However, visualizing a guitar and how that feels to organize one can assist you estimate with loved one accuracy what 1 meter look at like.


1 meter is same to 3.28 feet i beg your pardon is close come 3/4 that a foot much less than 4 feet.

Here room a few other items that space 4 feet long.

3. Countertop Height

Countertops are usually developed at a standard height, which makes creating a kitchen and also creating room for appliances and also cabinets less complicated and an ext straightforward.

Although homeowners or builders may choose to produce countertops that space slightly greater or lower, many countertops in a home kitchen are around 1 meter tall.

Imagining how it feels come stand next to a countertop can aid you that s right estimate how tall 1 meter is.


4. A Door Frame’s Width

If you can photo going with a traditional door frame, such as a former door or bedroom door, you can also accurately imagine how long 1 meter is.

Most traditional door frames are about 1 meter across, which enables for many of room for maneuverability.

Although some doors may be slightly broader or narrower, many doors are a conventional width.


5. A Baseball Bat

A baseball bat is terrific way come visualize just how long or high a solitary meter is.

Baseball bats can be uncovered in a variety of sizes, native 23 inches to 34 inches.

Although smaller sized bats, which room usually supplied by children, are just about fifty percent a meter long, bigger bats, such together the professional bats provided in the major leagues, are just a small bit much shorter than a complete meter in length.

Baseball bats might not be precisely 1 meter in length, but picturing one can assist you estimate with relative accuracy exactly how long or tall a meter really is.

6. The width of a Table

Tables are available in a wide range of sizes and also shapes, for this reason saying the all tables are about 1 meter throughout would it is in inaccurate.

However, many dining room or kitchen tables work approximately a standard size, and also this traditional size consists of a broad of about 1 meter.

This particular width helps to ensure that everyone at the table has plenty that room however that no one is too much away native anyone else.

Different tables will, of course, differ slightly in width, yet picturing a dining room table deserve to often help you visualize 1 meter.

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7. A Golf Club

Golf clubs are another common, easily visualized sports item the can assist you calculation what a meter looks like.

Like various other sports equipment, golf clubs are accessible in a selection of sizes, which help to accommodate people of various heights.

Clubs can likewise be slightly longer or much shorter depending on what details golf task they’re being used for.

However, top top average, gold clubs are in between 44.5 and also 45.5 inches long.

This length is same to just over 1 meter, so picturing one average-sized golf club can help you visualize just how long 1 meter is.

Some clubs are even longer, reaching up to 48 inches.

8. Doorknob Height

Although doorknobs can be set at any kind of height, in the joined States, typical doorknob height is collection at around waist level, which provides it straightforward to master the knob.

This elevation is about 1 meter indigenous the ground, for this reason if you have the right to visualize reaching for a doorknob, friend can likewise estimate exactly how tall a single meter is.