An Iowa mother of three has started a petition to change the text of Mickey computer mouse Clubhouse’s popular ending number come something that doesn’t “support animal cruelty” or “encourage toxicity eating habits.”

Kayla Verr states she is “fed up” (but, “Oh God, no literally; i would never eat that garbage!”) through “The hot Dog Dance” and also everything it represents.

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“Hot dogs space the epitome of animal maltreatment,” claims Verr, a diehard vegan. “There are all kinds of ground-up pets in there: cows, pigs, mechanically be separated poultry. That sick. Downright evil, really.”

“And then you’ve acquired the mental irony of words itself: warm DOG. I mean, Goofy’s a canine, for God’s sake. I understand he’s no the sharpest Mouseketool in the box, however surely even he realizes what he’s being compelled to dance to. Disney is basically promoting cannibalism.”

“I’m starting this petition for all the innocent kids who room being exposed to this atrocity. Clearly my children don’t clock it—they’re minimal to 30 minute of TV a month, and also we only watch Veggietales—but i can’t manage how other parents raise their kids.

“No, really, i can’t. I’ve tried.”

Verr is currently facing several harassment suits that were filed in solution to a “trick-or-trauma” campaign she ran last month. Basically, she and also her kids went door to door with huge trash bags, bullying parents till they i agreeed to throw away every their animal crackers and Pepperidge farm yard Goldfish.

“Animals have to not be presented as ‘food’ to impressionable kids. No in any kind of form,” she says. “It puts the end the not correct idea. I just wish more parents appreciated the integrity, morality, and also unmatched beauty beauty of vegetables.”

Verr, who sporting activities a 1.5 carrots engagement ring (That’s not a typo. Verr has 1.5 carrots—dried, compressed, and also preserved in a tiny glass sphere—banded to she finger), claims she simply wants the text of “The hot Dog Dance” readjusted to something an ext vegan-friendly.

“Of course, I’d quite the present just it is in cancelled altogether, however I tried the already, and all it gained me was an arranged toddler riot. That, and also a bunch of upset parents throwing tomatoes at mine house. We didn’t desire to see all those beautiful heirlooms go to waste, so we had spaghetti and tofu balls several nights in a row.”

Verr believes this petition will be much an ext successful since she’s “simply asking for a few words to be changed.”

“So then i was going come go with ‘The aubergine Dance,’ which has actually a yes, really nice ring to it. Yet when I began singing it, ns realized it can not it is in the best idea: Eggplant, eggplant, eggplantity-plant. That’s a most ‘eggs.’ I would hope most adults realize the eggplant is a vegetable, but I have the right to see where it could send children mixed messages. And ns don’t want to acquire too political here, however I will say this: Just because it’s not hatched, doesn’t typical it’s no alive. Kids should be raised to respect every life, including baby chickens.”

“I finally worked out on ‘The Lemongrass Tofu Banh Mi burgess Dance.’ Sure, it can be a little bit of a mouthful, yet so what? I’d fairly hear—and see—kids struggling with a mouthful of vegetables fare 보다 mindlessly chanting about ‘hot dogs’ just because it rolls off the tongue a little an ext smoothly.”

“Although i’m not certain I’ll ever be able to say those words there is no choking a little. Hot dog. Pfft. Hot, indeed. Directly from the fiery pits the hell.”

If you’d prefer to add your name to Verr’s petition, you can find it at

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