Usually, I have no idea. Heck, I assumed Neil Diamond was singing around some guy named “Reverend Eugene,” – not “Forever in Blue Jeans.”

Curious – okay, boring – I decided to dig up the lyrics to a track which I have never understood and also whose meaning always baffled me – Elton John’s “Levon.”

Below, in italics, are the text to “Levon,” composed by John and Bernie Taupin, for united state to examine:

Levon put on his war wound choose a crown

He calls his son Jesus

‘Cause he likes the name

And he sends him come the finest school in town

Okay, so this Levon fellow was in a war. That names his boy Jesus, and also he sends him come a personal school. That makes sense, although ns wouldn’t surname a boy Jesus. That’s questioning for trouble. Every time who stubs their toe and also yells “Jesus!,” this boy is walking to it is in jumping out of his drawers. And he’s responsible to gain the large head, thinking all those hymns are around him.

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Levon, Levon likes his money

He makes a lot castle say

Spends his job counting

In a garage by the motorway

Okay, for this reason Levon is rich, and doesn’t have an accountant. Got it.

He to be born a pauper to a pawn top top a Christmas Day

When the brand-new York Times said God is dead

And the wars begun

Alvin Tostig has a kid today

This is whereby the man sets in.

So, Levon is born ~ above Christmas Day. And then the new York Times, ~ above Christmas Day, said God is dead, which started wars? Actually, German thinker Friedrich Nietzsche stated “God is dead,” – earlier in something choose 1890 (I had actually to look that up). And it no start any type of wars.

And that is Alvin Tostig? Levon’s father, i’m left come assume. For this reason Jesus’ name is Jesus Tostig? Urgh.

And he shall be Levon

And the shall be a good man

And that shall be Levon

In heritage with the family members plan

And that shall it is in Levon

And the shall be a an excellent man

He shall be Levon

Enough already. We’ll call him Levon.

Levon sell cartoon balloons in town

His family business thrives

Jesus blows increase balloons every day

Sits ~ above the porch waver watching lock fly

Wait, I assumed Levon was supposed to be rich? offering cartoon balloons? I deserve to understand being affluent if you were a cartoon balloon manufacturer, however this Levon guy simply sells them. Is there really that large a market for balloons shaped choose Daffy Duck? and also his son blows the balloons up and lets them paris off. Exactly how is Levon make a profit?

And Jesus, he desires to walk to Venus

Leaving Levon much behind

Take a balloon and go sailing

While Levon, Levon progressively dies

So, apparently, Jesus doesn’t favor Levon too much, seeing as just how he wants to leaving him behind to gradually die. But why go he want to fly a balloon to, of all places, Venus? from what ns hear, it’s very cold there. Ns guess the songwriting decision came down to: What rhymes through Jesus? Panama City – nope. Vegas, nah. How bout Venus? over there you go.

While the tune doesn’t show if Levon is cruel or mean, it does provide us one clue as to why Levon wouldn’t be held in such high for by his son – he called him Jesus Tostig! If the would have named the Ted or Earl or Skip, the kid would probably love his father and wouldn’t let every those balloons go flying off.

The suggest of the song? What go “Levon” tell us? Hmm, i have narrowed it under to two feasible themes:

1. Don’t surname you child Jesus Tostig.

He’ll dislike you.

2. Elton John and Bernie Taupin were on dope.

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You do you very own determination. Ns leaning heavily toward 2.