By day, an odd-job guy for Mr. Lorry. By night, a "resurrection man"—robbing tombs to offer body parts to sketchy doctors. That complains about his wife"s praying due to the fact that it makes him feel guilty around his secret activities, however by the end of the novel he decides to offer up his secret job and also endorses praying, a authorize that he hopes to it is in resurrected himself through the strength of Christ.

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The timeline listed below shows whereby the character Jerry Cruncher appears in A story of two Cities. The colored dots and also icons suggest which themes are associated with that appearance.


...of the passengers, Mr. Jarvis Lorry of Tellson"s Bank. Mr. Lorry recognizes the man as Jerry Cruncher, that works odd-jobs for Tellson"s.(full context)


Jerry provides Mr. Lorry a note that reads "Wait in ~ Dover for Mam"selle." In reply, Mr....(full context)
In his cramped apartment in a negative London neighborhood, Jerry Cruncher yells in ~ his mam for "praying against" him, which he insists is interfering with...(full context)
Jerry and his child then walk to work—they sit exterior Tellson"s wait for odd tasks from...(full context)
One day, Jerry Cruncher is sent to await Mr. Lorry"s orders at the Old Bailey Courthouse, wherein a...(full context)
Outside of Tellson"s Bank, Jerry Cruncher look at an approaching funeral procession. An upset crowd harasses the vehicle drivers of the hearse...(full context)
Jerry complies with the mob, i m sorry roughs up the drivers and takes end the procession. Castle drive...(full context)
Back at home, Jerry when again complain"s about his wife"s praying. His son, Young Jerry, asks his father about...(full context)
That night, Young Jerry sneaks out after his father, who "fishing gear" consists of a crowbar and ropes. That follows...(full context)
The next morning, frustrated that Cly"s body had actually been missing, Jerry Cruncher furiously rebukes his wife for she praying and also intervening in the occupational of an...(full context)
...Mr. Lorry is supposedly the youngest clerk at the bank, and he plan to take Jerry Cruncher for protection. He will certainly leave the night.(full context)
...own an individual business, Mr. Lorry find an apartment for Lucie and her family, and leaves Jerry Cruncher through them to act as guard. On the means back to Tellson"s Mr. Lorry...(full context)
...have been imprisoned and also killed. Because that safety"s sake, they store no external servants, using only Jerry and Miss Pross. Miss Pross vehemently and regularly voices her distaste because that the French.(full context)
...a French republican. Solomon tells her to be quiet, or else she"ll gain him killed. Jerry, meanwhile, additionally thinks he recognizes this man, however can"t rather remember his name.(full context)
Sydney Carton, showing up out of nowhere, tells Jerry the name he is trying to remember: man Barsad. Having arrived in Paris a day...(full context)
Carton and also Jerry escort man Barsad come Tellson"s Bank, where Mr. Lorry additionally recognizes him. Carton claims he...(full context)
...takes the end a certificate of burial and says he buried Cly himself. To everyone"s surprise, Jerry angrily objects the Barsad had actually placed "shameful impositions top top tradesmen," and also then reveals the Cly"s...(full context)
At the apartment, Jerry Cruncher and also Miss Pross obtain ready to leaving in their own carriage. Jerry swears that...

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(full context)
Jerry leaves to do arrangements. Soon after, mam Defarge arrives at the apartment and also demands that...(full context)
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