“Nice to talk to you” and also “it was nice talking to you” are 2 phrases that English speakers can use to finish a conversation suddenly without being rude. These are phrases that let the other perboy know that we can’t talk any kind of much longer bereason we should execute something else.

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They are polite phrases that act as social cues which suppose "I need to leave, yet I don"t want to be rude." If you learn how to use them appropriately, you will master the art of ending conversations politely.

It"s also essential to learn how aboriginal English speakers usage these sentences in social situations to ensure you understand when someone else is trying to finish a conversation via you politely.

What Is The Meaning Of Nice To Talk To You?

“Nice to talk to you” is a polite phrase we can usage to finish a conversation. We have the right to add it to the finish of a conversation when we should leave easily however want the other person to recognize we delighted in the conversation. It’s a method of saying “I need to end the conversation bereason I should leave, however I appreciated our conversation.”


We deserve to also use “nice to lastly talk to you” to begin a conversation through someone we’re excited to talk to and haven’t talked to prior to.

“Nice to talk to you” deserve to be supplied at the start or at the finish of a conversation. The context will collection the definition of this sentence. Either someone is excited to talk with you or they must leave and also desire to end the conversation politely.

What Is The Meaning Of It Was Nice Talking To You?

“It was nice to talk to you” and “it was nice talking to you” have the very same meaning when ending a conversation. We deserve to usage them interchangeably to finish a conversation.



“It was nice talking to you” is a polite way to finish a conversation quickly. It’s difficult to reduced a conversation brief as soon as you require to; however this phrase helps let the various other perkid recognize you appreciated the conversation.

We have the right to just use “it was nice talking to you” at the finish of a conversation. ‘Was’ describes a previous activity, so it would certainly not make sense to usage it at the beginning of a conversation.

How Do You Respond To Nice To Talk To You?

“And you too” is the ideal answer to this question. It’s a brief answer that indicates ‘it was nice talking to you too’ or ‘it was nice to talk to you also.’ Native English speakers likewise include “give thanks to you, and also you as well,” to present that they are grateful for the compliment before they rerevolve it.

It have the right to seem favor a stselection question without an noticeable answer, but various other answers prefer ‘me too’ are too open-ended and ambiguous, and ‘very same here’ is also informal.

How Do You Respond To It Was Nice Talking To You?

It’s widespread to add ‘give thanks to you’ or ‘yes’ to acknowledge the compliment prior to returning it. Someone is being type and polite as soon as they say “it was nice talking to you,” so including “yes, you too” or “say thanks to you, you too” creates a polite response. It’s essential to get and acunderstanding a compliment prior to returning it.

How Do You Say It Was Nice To Talk To You?

‘It was’ is commonly reduced to ‘t’was.’ Unfavor various other reductions in English, this reduction is even more formal. ‘To’ is additionally lessened to ‘tə.’

“T’was nice tə talk tə you” is a formal and also polite way to say “it was nice to talk to you.”

Is It Nice To Talk To or You?

‘Talk’ is an intransitive verb. This implies it cannot take a straight object.


For example:

‘Drink’ is a transitive verb and it can take a straight object:“I drink water.”

In this sentence, ‘water’ is the object of the verb and it deserve to go next to the verb without needing to add a preposition.

‘Talk’ is intransitive, so it’s incorrect to add a things alongside it without a preplace first:

Correct: “nice to talk to you”

Incorrect: “nice to talk you” (talk cannot take a straight object)

Nice To Talk To You or Nice Talking To You?

When finishing a conversation, we deserve to use “nice to talk to you” or “nice talking to you.” These phrases have actually the exact same definition and we deserve to usage them interchangeably.

In English grammar, we usage the infinitive ‘to talk’ to focus on the totality completed activity. It’s a method of saying “I took pleasure in our talk and also everything we talked around.” The gerund (talking) is offered to attract attention to the continuous action. This indicates that we enjoyed the act of talking with the various other perchild.

We deserve to usage ‘nice to talk to you’ prior to we start a conversation in the sentence:

“It will certainly be nice to talk to you at the party” or “nice to lastly talk to you.”

Whereas, “nice talking to you” is only ever supplied at the end of a conversation.

Good To Talk To You

“Good to talk to you” has the same interpretation as “nice to talk to you.” We typically select the adjective ‘good’ as soon as we’ve had actually a complicated conversation via someone and also it had a positive outcome. It suggests “that was an excellent talk, I’m glad we had actually it.”

It Was Great Talking To You

‘Great’ is a stronger adjective than ‘nice.’ If someone claims “it was excellent talking to you” or “excellent to talk to you,” then they aren’t only saying it to end a conversation politely. They felt really good about the conversation and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to understand as soon as someone really suggests ‘it was nice talking to you,’ so including a much more expressive adjective helps to display that you really intend what you’re saying.

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Nice To Chat With You

‘Chat’ is even more informal than ‘talk,’ and also it is an acceptable replacement in informal conversations. ‘Chat’ is additionally offered as soon as we’re texting someone or talking digital, so ‘nice to chat via you’ is generally provided once texting.

We deserve to use the preplace ‘with’ or ‘to’ with ‘talk’ and ‘chat’ without altering the definition. We can also usage a gerund and also say ‘nice chatting with you.’



“Nice to chat via you.”“Nice to chat to you.”“Nice chatting via you.”“Nice chatting to you.”

Nice Talking To You Quotes

“I must go now, my taxi is here. But it’s been great talking to you!”

“My frifinish has arrived, I have to go say hello. Nice to talk to you. See you later.”