Kristi Lee , whose real name is Theresa Ritz (born July 17, 1960), is the news manager of the nationwide syndicated radio display The Bob & amp; Tom show and is responsible for moving news from miscellaneous headlines (often used for funny takeoffs) throughout the show.

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Lee regularly hosts or participates in Bob and also Tom Radio: The Comedy tour shows. She is the mom of two daughters, Ava and also Sophie, and she has been married and divorced 3 times.

Lee i graduated from Ben Davis High school in Indianapolis and started his job at WBDG, the college station. The attended Indiana University.

Lee"s full-time job in communication is at WRTV, wherein he to be a tv engineer for 6 years. At that time, he additionally became a part time disc jockey for WFBQ Q95, a station that at some point hired Bob Kevoian and also Tom Griswold because that the morning. He started his radio job at The Bob and also Tom present in 1988. Lee also appeared top top ESPN and ESPN2 as a side reporter, which consisted of events such as lacrosse, car racing, and also the an initial three Xs. Gamings on ESPN2. In the mid-nineties, he to be a next reporter for the Indiana Pacers in the NBA.

On January 11, 2016, Lee announced that he would certainly go The Bob and also Tom Show. Before his return, Lee"s last on waiting appearance to be on December 17, 2015. In April 2016"s appearance on Hammer and also Nigel"s podcast, Lee revealed that his contract Bob and Tom i> "rolled over for 12 years" and included a three-month non-compete clause, long enough to be thought about "unheard the in ours business." because each new contract is likely to extend its noncompetition requirement to 6 or 12 months, Lee states he decided not come renew his contract. It was "a time to shot something different," Lee said. "If I"m walking to do this, it has to be now." The announcement and timing that Kevoian"s December 2015 resignation was a surprised for Lee, and he said the Dakich display that "Bob was not there, and also I go not want to sit in the room there is no Bobby" regardless of his fondness because that Griswold and Chick McGee, the rest of the show"s old stars.

On July 8, 2016, The Bob and Tom display announced online that Lee will go back to the display on July 11, 2016. In one interview through BoomerTV Patty Spitler, Lee reiterated that desire to uncover his own voice together an interviewer and also to produce his own "brand" is his ultimate motivation for what became the hiatus that The Bob and Tom Show. Lee also said Griswold began a discussion that caused him to return.

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During his six-month rest from Bob and also Tom Lee began hosting a podcast dubbed "Kristi Lee Uninterrupted," i beg your pardon debuted top top April 5, 2016. Podcasts room affiliated through Dr. Will"s environment. The title is a referral to Griswold"s habit of continually interrupting the news report of his Bob and Tom display . Lee announced the he would proceed producing his podcasts.

In February 2017, it was announced the Kristi Lee was inaugurated as a hall of call in she high school. That will have a plaque with his surname and picture attached come the Ben Davis High School wall of Fame. She has always maintained that she owes a effective career to starting on a institution radio station, WBDG, wherein her long life love the the communications and also entertainment market begins.

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