All matter has physical and also piersonforcongress.comical properties. Physical properties are features that scientists have the right to measure without an altering the composition of the sample under study, such as mass, color, and also volume (the quantity of space occupied by a sample). piersonforcongress.comical properties describe the characteristic ability of a substance to reaction to type new substances; they encompass its flammability and susceptibility come corrosion. Every samples that a pure substance have actually the exact same piersonforcongress.comical and physical properties. For example, pure copper is constantly a reddish-brown solid (a physical property) and always dissolves in dilute nitric acid to produce a blue solution and also a brown gas (a piersonforcongress.comical property).

Physical properties have the right to be substantial or intensive. Extensive properties vary with the amount of the substance and also include mass, weight, and volume. Intensive properties, in contrast, perform not depend on the quantity of the substance; they include color, melting point, boiling point, electric conductivity, and physical state at a given temperature. For example, elemental sulfur is a yellow crystalline solid that does not conduct electricity and also has a melting allude of 115.2°C, no issue what quantity is check (Figure \(\PageIndex1\)). Scientists commonly measure extensive properties to recognize a substance’s identity, whereas extensive properties convey information about the lot of the problem in a sample.

api/deki/files/120339/220px-Melting_icecubes.gif?revision=1" />Figure \(\PageIndex2\): ice cream Melting is a physics change.

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As soon as liquid water (\(H_2O\)) freezes right into a hard state (ice), it shows up changed; However, this adjust is just physical together the the composition of the constituent molecule is the same: 11.19% hydrogen and also 88.81% oxygen through mass.