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Very beautiful. I favor it because that either sex honestly. Ciel is nice for a young or girl, and Cielle because that a girl. Ns love Ciela because that a girl though.

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Ciel is a personality from the Puyo Puyo franchise. She only appears in Puyo Puyo Quest, whereby she is a component of the angel Series, but additionally appears together a playable personality in Puyo Puyo eSports (known external of Asia together Puyo Puyo Champions).
My name is Kaila Ciel and I wished lock would call me Ciel so they wouldn"t mispronounce Kaila all the time.
I love this name! ns didn"t understand it was a name for a while, but I knew it meant sky. Come me, it is really feminine, and also also, I once met a girl who had this name, and it fit she perfectly.
This is the first time I"ve searched my name and also I think the an interpretation is so awesome! Oh! I"m a lady by the way. I have been wondering about how to express my name and also thanks to this site, I uncovered out I"ve to be pronouncing the wrong because that 24 years now.
Hey you guys,

My surname is Ciel and also I am a man (24 year old). And also yes the surname is pronounced See-Elle. It"s quite unique and it way the "heavens" or "sky". Mine dad actually come up with it on his very own without discovering it had actually a French definition or what so ever. That is a masculine name.
Ciel Phantomhive (male), Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)Japanese: シエル ファントムハイヴRomanized: Shieru Fantomuhaivu

Favorite anime/manga ever.
I have only ever heard this name provided for the personality in Kuroshitsuji, and since ns dislike him, ns can"t drop the association with the name. The said, the name definitely sounds much more female 보다 male and might look at strange come anyone who was French-speaking if you made decision this as a child"s name.
Personally ns think Ceil is far better for a boy. I didn"t also think it was for girls. In any type of case ns think it need to be unisex.
Like Soleil (also detailed here together feminine), Ciel is a masculine noun in French. However, ns think Ciel would be very weird top top a masculine (although I prefer Sky on males... Hmmm...). Top top a girl it"s pretty enough, yet I would only use it as a center name.
There is a boy called Ciel Phantomhive in the manga/anime referred to as Kuroshitsuji (黒執事 meaning "black butler"). The is the young head the the Phantomhive family and serves the queen with a demon butler (whom he has actually promised his soul) by his side.
Beautiful name. Looks somewhat masculine to me, and also maybe spelling that Cielle would certainly make it less complicated for anglophones come pronounce. But, i dislike transforming the order of names.

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Consider the numerous derivatives that the French word because that "rainbow": Arc-en-Ciel (literally: "arc in the sky"). Arken is a nice name. Also, a voice spelling that Ciel, like, Sielle, which anglophones will certainly relate come a name prefer "Sierra" in their attempts to express it, can be doing any type of child you give this surname to a large favor!
Along v sky, the also way "heaven" in French. And also like every French words, the accent is ~ above the last syllable.