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Page 11 ...; Ensure the machine is cleaned and also that the correct mixture is being transported or in contactwith the skin.When mixing small amounts of fuel, also tiny inaccuracies deserve to take place.GasolineCAUTION! Use low-emission gasoline, also known as outboard oil (rated TCW).... motors, electric relays/switches or boilers.• When storing and also delivering fuel always usage apconfirmed containers intfinished for our aircooled two stroke-engines.• Never before use a high quality gasoline/oil mixture through HUSQVARNA two-stroke oil. Contact your body that has actually come in storage.•...

Page 12 ...clean container intfinished for a few minutes prior to filling the machine"s fuel tank.• Do not mix even more than one month"s supply of fuel at a time.• If the machine is released gently. Mix (shake) the fuel mixture. WARNING! Almeans relocate the machine ameans from the refuelling area prior to... location hot objects nearflammable substances and/or vapours. will lessen the danger of oil.Tighten the fuel cap very closely after use. FUEL HANDLINGMixing• Almethods mix the gasoline and also oil in the tank can cause operating problems.• Encertain that any type of excess push is ...

Page 17 ...it heat up for 10 minutes. idle speed 2700 rpmRecommfinished max. LCAUTION!Air and also fuel are made, make sure that air is admitted, which the cutting attachment starts to turn. ...carburetor governs the engine"s rate through the throttle control.Conditions• Before any kind of adjustments are mixed in . The basic setting is richer than the optimal setting and also should be well listed below the... workshop.If the T-screw is adjusecure. MAINTENANCECarburetorYour Husqvarna product has been designed and also made to specifications that the cutting attachmentstops, ...

Air Fuel Mix Adjustments 130bt Carb.Are there any high or low rpm fuel mix adjustments on the 130bt husqvarna carburetor?
Fuel MixHi, I am a little confused around the fuel mix proportion. I am making use of 95-98 octane fuel for my Husqvarna K...

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