Peruvian slang words and phrases, well-known as jerga, deserve to be heard throughout the country. You’ll also come throughout plenty that slang in Peru’s trashy and sensationalist tabloid newspapers. Even if you’ve perfected your spoken Spanish, several of these native may have you scratching your head. So, below are a couple of common slang expressions that you could hear while travelling in Peru.

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Warning: If friend are conveniently offended, which i hope you are not, please exercise caution when reading the comment at the finish of the article. Girlfriend will uncover some vibrant language under there, yet it all fits in v the Peruvian slang theme. Thanks.


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Peruvian Slang native A-E

a su madre – a common expression the surprise, often shortened to simply “asu!” despite the visibility of the word “mother,” the expression is no rude (but nothing go trying out with “mother” expressions – you could get in trouble).achorado — one aggresive or “low living” human being (sometimes provided to refer to “undesirable” species from slum areas).al toque – right away, straight away. Bear in mind that “right away,” prefer mañana, might mean a couple of hours or a couple of weeks in Peru.arrecho (a) — to be horny, turned on (estar arrecho).asado – angry, irritated. Literally “roast” or “roasting,” therefore a intuitive expression.bacán – coolblanca – cocaine. Literally “white.”brócoli – a homosexual man. Originates indigenous cabro (below): cabro, cabrócoli, brócoli.bróder — friend, amigo (from the English “brother”)cabro – a homosexual or effeminate man.calabaza — stupid, north headed.calato – naked.causa — a nearby friend.cocho (a) — one old person.cojudo (a) — one idiot, dumbass.conchudo – shameless, rascal.costilla – girlfriend. Precise “rib,” a recommendation to the development of eve from Adam’s rib.chamba – work, employment.chato – short, supplied to explain a human (often used as a nickname).charapa – the charapa (Podocnemis expansa) is a varieties of turtle uncovered in the Peruvian Amazon region. The ax charapa is provided to refer to Peruvians from the jungle regions (generally derogatory, offensive if supplied in an aggressive or mocking manner).chongo – whorehouse, brothel.chévere – cool, great, awesome (like bacán)chibolo – a young person, usually in your teens.chibolero – a man who days girls much younger 보다 himself.choche (also chochera) — friend.choro — a thief.chupar – to drink alcohol. Precise “to suck,” choose “sucking top top a beer”.churro — an attractive or handsome man.doble filo – bisexual. Accurate “double edged.”

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Peruvian Slang native F-O

fercho — chauffer, driver (an instance of valuation reversal in Peruvian slang: chofer i do not care fercho).figureti — a poser, show-off.flaco (a) — friend or girlfriend (lit. “skinny”).florear — come lie, flatter or exaggerate, usually through the target of acquiring something (a floro would certainly be a kind of lie)fuiste – gone, the moment has actually passed, to let go opportunity. “Ya fuiste!”fumón – pot smoker.germa — a girl or girlfriend.grone – black, or a black-skinned person. An example of Peruvian slang whereby the stimulate of the syllables has been reversed: black = grone. You might see this provided in graffiti, where Zona Grone means Black Zone, one Alianza Lima football fan tag.huachimán – watchman (from the English word). A huachimán in Peru is a private security guard, frequently one who patrols a certain street or block at night.jale – a who attractiveness or sex-appeal. Literally a who “pull”: the capability to draw in the contrary sex.jama — food (jamear — to eat).jato — house.jugador(a) – a player, womaniser, promiscuous person.lechero — a happy or fortunate person.luca – one Peruvian Nuevo solar (mil lucas = 1,000 soles).mamacita – warm or sexy woman. Accurate “little mama,” it’s no the most romantic expression, much more an “Oh boy, inspect out that mamacita!” type of thing.mañoso – a slime bag, a human being who is over acquainted with ladies (often in a physical, touchy-feely way).miércoles – precise “Wednesday,” but used instead of “mierda” (shit).misio — poor, broke.monse – stupid, dim-witted, slow.

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Peruvian Slang words P-Z

paja — cool, awesome (like chévere).pajear — to masturbate (a pajero would as such be a… you know).papaya — supplied to refer to the female sexual organ.pata – guy. Provided informally to refer to nearly anyone. If there is a possessive involved (such as “mi pata,” “tu pata”) it refers to a girlfriend (“my friend,” “your friend”).pendejo (a) – a sly, sharp, however generally untrustworthy person.pichanga – casual football kick-around among friends.piña – poor luck.por ras puras – to execute something because that nothing, no reason, a waste of time.profe – quick for “professor,” often used through Peruvian street vendors, shoe-shine guys etc to obtain the attention of well-dressed, business-like world walking under the street. It’s friendly and also not disrespectful.pucha – used rather of the lot stronger “puta” (“bitch” or “whore”), together an expression of disgust, distaste, surprise, relief etc, not literally (and not in recommendation to a particular person). The origin of words is debated (see comment below).roche – shame. “Que roche!” (“What a shame!”)suzuki – dirty. A pat on “sucio,” the Spanish word for dirty.tombo – a policeman.tonear — come party, to run (tono — a party)yapa — the extra (when you finish a glass that fruit juice, the vendor may optimal it up v the yapa, or extra, that remains in the jug).

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The above Peruvian slang words and also phrases are some of the most generally heard in Peru, yet there space plenty much more out there. Feel totally free to include to this little Peruvian slang dictionary in the comments box below. If friend are searching for an role play Peruvian suffer we imply you check out Peru Hop. They room a hop ~ above hop off format bus company that take it you safely off the beaten track while travelling v Peru. Thanks!

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