There yes, really is not direct translation indigenous English to Spanishof the word "Hooray". I"m no a indigenous speaker however am fluent, and also Ihave never ever heard anyone of mine friends to speak "hurray" i m sorry is whatmost Spanish/English dictionaries will certainly tell you.

Personally, I use expressions like:

Que Bueno! or Que Buenisimo!


Orrale or Guey (but these are sort of silly and also are really onlysaid in Mexico)

(On the other hand, my mexico Spanish thesaurus gives "Viva!"and "hurra!" for English "hurra(h)").

OR...if you"re trying come toast someone (as you would newlywedsor human being celebrating a birthday), you have the right to use brindar or brindarpor.

Sorry i don"t have a set answer, but the kingdom of translationfrom 2 totally different language families is a littleambiguous. German languages (English) don"t analyze ALL thatwell to the romantic languages (Spanish), but I hope this helpsanyway!

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