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Did you know that English isn’t the just language recognized in the country of Wales?

Welsh is a celtic language that has actually been around for centuries, and also is still used to this day.

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As that the most recent inspection in December 2020, the is approximated that nearly 30% of the country’s populace speaks Welsh. End 16% that the populace reported the they speak Welsh ~ above a daily basis.

On a holiday in Wales, you’re most likely to notice that the road signs are bilingual, v Welsh often featured top top the optimal in phibìc Wales, and English in south Wales.

The Welsh-speaking populace is much heavier in North and West Wales than in southern Wales, yet no matter where you room in the beautiful nation of Cymru (Wales), you’re likely to conference Cymraeg (Welsh).

Whether you’re planning a expedition to Wales or you simply want to admire your friends v some multilingual skills, this write-up will walk girlfriend through several of the basics of the Welsh language, together with some usual Welsh slang she bound to hear if you spend time in Wales.

A note on Welsh Pronunciation


Now that we’ve spanned the basics that Welsh pronunciation, let’s shot some usual Welsh words and also phrases!

Basic Greetings in Welsh

How come Say “Hello” in Welsh!

So, just how DO you to speak “hello” in Welsh? Well, there room a couple of ways.


Pronounced like the English “hello”, this is an conveniently recognizable means to greet who in Welsh.

Su’mae (in the North) or Shwmae (in the South)

Both su’mae (“suh-my”) and shwmae (“shoo-my”), occasionally shortened to simply s’mae, space standard greetings in Wales, and also are obtained from the question, “How space you?”


Croeso (“croy-so”) definition “welcome”, is another way you can be greeted in Welsh.

Good Morning in Welsh

Bore da (“bohr-eh dah”)

Good Afternoon in Welsh

Prynhawn da (“prin-hown da”)

Good evening in Welsh

Noswaith dda (“nohs-why-th thah”)

How to Say “Goodbye” in Welsh

The standard method to say “goodbye” in Welsh is Hwyl (“hoo-wheel”, said quickly as one syllable), yet in the evening, you can instead say Nos da, which way “goodnight”!

Who space you? i am…

To questioning someone’s name in Welsh, although it might sound crude oil in English, you would literally say, “Who room you?”

In southern Wales, this would be, “Pwy dych chi?”, if in phibìc Wales, “dych” becomes “dach”.

To answer this question, you can simply say, “Dw i’n …” i m sorry means, “I am .”


human 1: Croeso! Pwy dach chi? (Welcome! Who are you? )

human 2: Helô, dw i’n Tom. Pwy dach chi? (Hello, i’m Tom. Who are you? )

human being 1: Dw i’n David. (I’m David. )

How are you?

To questioning “How are you?” in Welsh, you’ll say, “Sut dych (or dach) chi?

Some responses could be:

Da iawn, diolch. – really good, give thanks to you.

Gwych! – Great!

Ddim yn dda iawn. – Not really good.

Wedi blino. – Tired.

Where is… Ble/Lle mae…

To ask whereby something is, you’ll start with one of two people “Ble” or “Lle” (both room used and also understood across Wales), and “mae’r” (which converts to “is the…”) because that LL consonant can be a tiny tricky come pronounce, fine stick through “Ble” because that this post.

Where is the bathroom? – Ble mae’r tŷ bach?

Where is the airport? – Ble mae’r maes awyr?

Where is the bus? – Ble mae’r bws?

Where is the train? – Ble mae’r trên?

Where is the station? – Ble mae’r orsaf?

Where is the hospital? – Ble mae’r ysbyty?

Where is the pub? – Ble mae’r dafarn?

Where is the road? – Ble mae’r ffordd?

Note: If you want to ask whereby a ar or thing is, simply remove the ‘r ~ “mae”. The ‘r acts together the “the” in the sentence.


Ble mae’r llyfrgell? – wherein is the library?


Ble mae llyfrgell? – where is a library?

Please / thank you

There space a few ways come say “please” in Welsh. The simplest would it is in “plîs”, i beg your pardon sounds lot like the English equivalent. The various other two alternatives are, “Os gwelwch chi’n dda,” and, “Os gweli di’n dda”.

To say “thank you” in Welsh, you would say “diolch”.

Or, if you’re really grateful, you can say “diolch yn fawr iawn”, which way “thank you really much”!

May i have… Ga i…

A common method to ask for something in Welsh is come say, “Ga i…, plîs?

Here space a couple of things you might ask for, say, in a café or restaurant.

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Ga ns dŵr? – may I have water?

Ga i llaeth (or llefrith)? – might I have actually some milk?

Ga ns te? – might I have actually some tea?

Ga i goffi? – might I have actually a coffee?

Ga ns gwrw? – may I have a beer?

Ga ns win? – might I have wine?

Ga i gawl? – might I have actually soup?

Ga ns gyri? – may I have curry?

Ga ns bysgod a sglodion? – may I have actually fish and chips?

Ga i’r bil? – might I have the bill?

If she ordering much more than one thing, you can use the word “a” (“and”) to do a list. “Ga ns te, coffi, a llaeth, plîs?

When is the next (train/bus/plane) to (location)?

Pryd mae’r trên nesaf ns Gaerdydd? – once is the following train to Cardiff?

Pryd mae’r bws nesaf i Lundain? – as soon as is the following bus come London?

Pryd mae’r awyren nesaf i Gaeredin? – once is the next plane to Edinburgh?

Welsh places with both English and also Welsh Names

Did you know part cities in Wales have actually Welsh names as well as English ones? Wales itself is only the English name for the country, i m sorry is actually referred to as Cymru in Welsh!

Let’s walk over a couple of place names in Welsh!

SnowdonYr Wyddfa

Fun Fact! The Welsh name for Snowdon, Yr Wddyfa, equates to “grave”, to express a legend that a huge named Rhita Gawr, that is said to have been buried at the summit of the mountain after a fight with King Arthur. Over there is a cultivation movement in Wales to readjust the official name indigenous the English Snowdon come the Welsh Yr Wyddfa, to honor the background of the land and also the Welsh language.