Darth Vader is a classic costume and also is good for Halloween or your favorite neighborhood geek convention. I\"m not going come cover a lot of of methods (such together sewing, pepakura, or foam crafting), however rather what I essential for the pieces, and also how come template few of them. I\"ll also cover different levels the you can select depending on her time and also budget because that each costume piece.

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Note: that this accuse will more than likely not gain you a costume that will obtain you into the 501st. However it will look an excellent at her friend\"s Halloween party.

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Step 1: Resources

Here space some an important resources to consider:

For foam crafting:

Evil Ted blacksmith Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/evilted40

On Darth Vader references:


Lots of Star battles Pepakura - http://www.therpf.com/f79/fierfeks-star-wars-pepa...

There is a foam helmet sample on this thread - http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=148889
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Step 2: The Pieces

Here are the various pieces in the Darth Vader costume.

The Must-Haves:

Helmet Cape Body fit Gloves Belt Boots Chest box

The Ought-To-Haves:

Chest armor Codpiece Shin Guards inner robe Belt Boxes

The just reason to not incorporate the \"Ought-To-Have\" piece is if you are on a fast time frame, or on a short budget. Pick and also choose what you would certainly like.

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Step 3: Helmet


Often once we think the Darth Vader, the image that concerns mind is the above Helmet. Thankfully, due to the fact that the helmet is so famous, it is straightforward to purchase one (even for different budgets). Just make sure that the helmet you room buying covers every one of the head, and isn\"t just a challenge mask (unless that\"s what you space going for).

Here is a nice cheap one that I acquired that looks quite good: http://www.amazon.com/Darth-Vader-Deluxe-Adult-Bl...

I\"m sure you have the right to find an ext expensive alternatives online as well.

There is additionally the homemade options, such as pepakura or sculpting (if that\"s your thing). You can discover links come pepakura records on the resources web page of this tutorial. When making the helmet yourself is certainly an option, take into account the top quality that you want, and the expense in time and money. You have the right to easily discover a an excellent looking helmet because that cheap here. Also, it\"s easy to modify and also upgrade a cheap costume come look even better with simply a little paint, grit and also spit.

Also, it\"s a great idea to include a black color balaclava or ski mask under the mask. This will assist cover everything neck or head could show, as well as your confront through the mask.

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Step 4: Cape


Next come the helmet, for the iconic look, come the cape. Black capes are basic to discover at about any party store or costume shop. Or friend can quickly make your own by draping a black cloth. But for those of you who desire something much more authentic, below are part instructions (from the 501st):

The cape is a black color wool type material ~ above the outside, and also the within is black color satin The collar is a black leather (pleather) material and is about 1 - 1.25 in. Large It is closed with a chain The cape is a 3/4 circle make in 4 or 6 panels The cape is floor length.

For those top top a budget, just find a cool black cloth that hangs well and also not worry around the wool, lining, and collar. Friend can additionally just close that with everything works, since it will likely be extended by the helmet.

To construct a 3/4 circle cape (Hey, it\"s Pac-Man!), you require two dimensions first:

From the tops of the shoulders to the ground (I\"ll display this as H) roughly your neck (I\"ll display this together N)

I\"ll display the sizes because that a six panel cape. WARNING: mathematics is coming!

Each the the 6 panels will certainly be a trapezoid.

The peak width of the trapezoid is: ((N / 8) + 1/4) + 1.25 The height of the trapezoid is H + 1.25. The bottom width of the trapezoid is: ((PI * H) / 4) + 1.25

You will quickly notification that this will require a many of towel (especially if you are tall). If you must reduce, feel free to make the bottom width of every trapezoid smaller sized (like from 45\" to 35\"). Keep in mind that the 1.25 I include is because that a 5/8 in. Seam allowance on all sides.

As you reduced out the panels, pay attention to the nap that the cloth (if you have it), or things could look funny.

Sew the panels with each other to type the cape. If you room not law a lining, trim roughly the bottom to do it an ext circular, if you\"d like, and include a hem about the whole thing. If you arre law the lining, you\"ll it is in making the cape double (once v the wool, the other with the satin). Heat up the capes in addition to right sides dealing with each other. Darn them together leaving the neck open.

For the collar, produce a curved rectangle-shaped shape that\"s the same size as the neck of the cape. Make it 3.25\" thick and include 5/8\" to one of two people side for seam allowances. Fold the item in half, and also iron increase the seam allowances along the length of the collar. With right sides together, bland the end closed, then attach the collar to the cape.

Add the chain, and you\"re done!

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Step 5: human body Suit


There space a lot of of ways of act the body suit, and you have the right to decide which you prefer. Here are some notes from the 501st top top the body suit:

It\"s a black color leather product It has actually quilting lines that are about 1\" personal going down It have the right to be 1, 2 or 3 pieces (such as a jumpsuit; pant and shirt combo; or pant, sleeve and vest combo)

The cheapest and/or easiest technique is to discover a black sweatshirt and also pants. Friend can end it there, or friend can shot and include the quilting lines. I would certainly suggest beginning from the center and also working outward. If you use a much shorter stitch length, it gives it much more of a quilted look.

You can additionally make it yourself making use of a straightforward long sleeved shirt pattern and also pants. They have the right to be very simple without pockets, zippers, etc. You can use a black leather spring material and cut out the pieces. Then i would imply doing the quilting lines prior to sewing the pieces together. Also, a an excellent suggestion I experienced was to usage a light, breathable fabric for the back of the shirt instead of the leather. This will assist keep girlfriend cool, and no one will check out it under the cape (also less quilting lines come sew).

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Step 6: Gloves


This is one more feature the is basic to buy something decent. What we are looking for right here are gauntlet kind gloves that flare out on the top. They should also have the quilting look (similar to the human body suit).

Here\"s the pair that i got: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0009S6TJY?psc=1...

I\"m sure you can discover others at differing levels v a fast Google search.

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For your really cheap option, go to the hardware store and pick up some black rubber gloves (with lengthy cuffs). Favor these:


(I actually offered the house depot ones for a supervisor hero costume, and they looked great)