You guys understand that i’m all about spreading awareness. Well lets simply open the awareness entrances a little wider to incorporate really vital topics favor “how come make certain your moccasins don’t come untied, but if they perform come untied ns have uncovered the finest youtube video ever to assist you learn how to retie them.” If you have moccasin slippers through leather laces opportunities are they’ve come untied, and to your day-to-day annoyance you’ve deduced that 1) moccasins aren’t tied in the classic manner the every other laced shoe recognized to mankind and also 2) you have no idea just how retie those mommy freaking moccasin laces. I’m below to help.

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As with many things in life prevention is the finest course the action. As soon as you buy her moccasin slippers through those perfect tied moccasin laces, the an initial thing you must do as soon as you gain home is take some fabric glue and glue underneath and also around those knots.


So I actually didn’t glue this right as soon as I got home together I must have. Then my precocious infant Zuzu got a hold of one mocc and undid the laces, which is actually a bit complicated so great job genius baby. Because that a couple of weeks now I’ve to be walking about with one perfect tied moccasin, and also one moccasin the I’ve to be tying and also re-tying in vain, understanding it’s no right however not knowing how to settle it. Till Monday when sufficient was enough. Ns glued the great mocc laces in place and also then invested a part time looking increase every mocc tie tutorial on the internet. This is the best video by far.  If you review the comments human being are choose OMG say thanks to you man! ns was going crazy trying to figure this out! You’re no alone friend, you’re no alone. I indicate watching the video, pausing and also repeating together necessary. I’ve also broken it under for you in pictures below:


1. Left lace (which is additionally a little longer) under right.2. V the new left lace make a loop and also put the tail under.3. Take new right side and go over the height tucking under the loops.4. Pull right side v leaving a little loop.5 +6. Take it the finish of that same loop and also pull the around and also through the loop you just made.7. Pull loop through.8. Tighten.

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You yes, really do should watch the video, yet the images should aid too.


As ns said before prevention is the ideal medicine, they’re no perfect (my re-tied shoes is on the left) yet so much much better than before. The ends of the laces room on the bottom, the top of my moccasins remain folded over, my annoyance levels go back to normal and all is right with the world. Whew!