Adjusting or replacing the torsion bar keys in your Silverado is an inexpensive different to increasing the front end. However, only do so if girlfriend don"t normally strain your truck"s suspension and want a an ext even ride height.

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This article uses to the Chevrolet Silverado GMT800 (1999-2006).

It"s most most likely that the front end of your Silverado sits reduced than the rear, since greater rear suspension would account for the extra load of any type of load carried in the van bed. If you seldom use her truck to carry heavy loads and dislike the look at of an uneven ride height, instead of or adjusting the torsion bar secrets is one way to elevator the front end by numerous inches. The difficulty with doing so, however, is the ride high quality is drastically affected by transforming the torsion secrets alone, and down-travel is severely reduced. And also not just will the ride it is in rougher 보다 before, yet suspension parts, steering components, and also tires can wear out much more quickly currently that they are under much much more stress. Return a straightforward leveling kit is the better alternative, this article will show you just how to replace the torsion bar keys for a stiffer or greater ride height.


Materials NeededTorsion bar unloading tool (or heavy duty C-Clamp)Breaker bar (or influence gun)Socket setHammerHydraulic floor jack and also jack stands (optional)

Step 1 – eliminate the adjusting block

Use a floor jack and jack stands come lift as well as support your truck. If you usage a breaker bar on the torsion bar discharge tool, lifting her truck won"t be necessary.Follow the torsion bar indigenous the front axle to the center transmission crossmember. Friend will watch the torsion bar an essential in the opened of the crossmember, i beg your pardon is organized in ar by one adjusting bolt and adjusting block.Use a breaker bar and socket to eliminate the adjusting bolt.Attach the torsion bar unloading device to the crossmember, and also use the breaker bar as well as socket to lift the finish of the vital high enough for the adjusting block to be removed.Then on slide the adjusting block out, and remove the unloading tool.
Figure 1. Background the torsion an essential enough to get clearance and remove the adjusting block.

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Step 2 – remove the torsion bar key

Wiggle the torsion bar, and complimentary it native the torsion bar key.Use a hammer to hit the key if it is an overwhelming to remove. The crucial should autumn right out when detached from the torsion bar.
Figure 2. Use a hammer to cost-free the torsion vital from the torsion bar.

Step 3 – install the new torsion bar key

Slide the new torsion crucial in the crossmember, and also attach the torsion bar to the key. Use a hammer come make sure the two components are securely connected.Use the torsion bar unloading tool to lift the end of the key and gain sufficient clearance come insert the adjusting block.Slide the adjusting block in place.Thread the adjusting bolt with the end of the vital and right into the adjusting block.Then loosen and also remove the unloading tool, and also tighten the adjusting bolt come a snug fit.

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Figure 3. Affix torsion bar come the torsion key.