on meez, walk on games and also look at the top beside the photo of barn buddy and also next toit, over there is a box, click a video game that has the the quantity of coins you will certainly earn indigenous thegame, click the one that states 5000 coins and P.S, shot the star one and go ~ above google, typein the name of the game in. EX: surname OF game walkthrough

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meez coin hack gives you an ext then 5000 coins >:D go on mediafire.com and also find the yougotta download it though

Go come freemeez.com, authorize up, complete a coople the survys, earn points come at the very least 100,then you acquire to determined one. 5 million coinz, free vip, coin cheats, cost-free codes and also more!!! enjoy FreeMeez.Com :))))Add Me Cenat123 Thats just how i became a meez VIP!!!its simple complete, surve, chose, and wait!!!!

FIRST develop A ROOM...THEN walk TO to buy COINZ OR knife COINS climate IT WILL offer YOUSURVEYS...DO THE ONES the ARE choose 1000 OR LOWER and DO THE free ONES since THERE ARELIKE 8000 ONES however YOU must PAY also IF it SAIS complimentary THEN store DOING THEM and THATSIT(TRUST ME IT works I have 10,543 COINZ

Just send me yo password 2 mine account top top meez she username is dejagurl1 i acquired alot ofcoinz and also i glitched her

Give meh ur account user and paw then go to the survey ar then cick on the left 5 timeswait because that 4 or 6 min

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