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This straightforward homemade Ginger Paste will help you conserve time in the kitchen and can be offered in almost every dish. That is a great addition to her meal prep routine, and can it is in stored in the frozen fridge or freezer.


I am all about making weekday cooking easier. Hence I meal prep part ingredients end the weekend which make food preparation easier on day of the week and aid us eat house cooked healthy and balanced food over the week.

Making ginger paste and also garlic paste is among them. This ginger dough comes follow me quickly and can save an extra action in pretty much every Indian recipe. Another meal prepare I carry out is do onion tomato bhuna masala.

I favor to do separate ginger and also garlic paste, together if some recipes call for only ginger, climate I deserve to still usage the paste.

Here you can find details about how to peel and cut ginger, and also how to store ginger.

What is Ginger Paste?

Like it precisely sounds, a ginger paste is nothing yet blended ginger v some oil or water. You have the right to store that in the frozen fridge or freezer and use it as your recipe calls because that it.


Advantage that Homemade Ginger paste

Anything homemade has actually its benefits and when you make from scratch, the will provide you such joy and also satisfaction while cooking. Likewise at the same time, you get so many much more benefits:

There are absolutely no harmful preservativesIt is cheaper than buying it in ~ a storeIt is much more fresh and also aromaticLasts longer than the store-bought ones

Making this ginger dough is supervisor easy and you deserve to whip increase a new batch in ~ a few minutes if you have actually clean ginger ready.

How to make Ginger Paste?

Once you have actually purchased new ginger, clean the in running water and wipe with a kitchen towel. Friend don"t have to make certain that is totally dry unless you are storing it as a totality root.

I normally don"t peel the skin together I usage organic ginger, however if girlfriend removing the skin, you deserve to peel it.

After you have cleaned and peeled the ginger, the next step is to chop it into tiny pieces. Chop the ginger right into round discs and add in the blender or food processor.


Add some oil when blending. Preferably use avocado or canola oil together they perform not include any flavors. Here you can also include a little salt. The oil and salt act together a natural preservative if you desire to keep the ginger dough in the refrigerator.

To do ginger dough in a blender, you can need to use a larger quantity. Blending in tiny quantities could end up needing much more water or you can end up getting a very coarse blend.

You have the right to also add equal amounts of garlic to the blender and make a ginger-garlic paste.

Note: If you setup to frozen the ginger paste and also want to usage the ginger paste for your chai too, climate skip oil and blend the ginger as is. If needed, include 1-2 tablespoons of water.


How to save Ginger Paste?

If you room storing ginger paste, make certain you keep it in together a method that you deserve to keep that fresh for as lengthy as possible. So, the is a an excellent choice to save in an air-tight container best glass. It will save the paste fresh because that at the very least 1-2 weeks.

Top the glass jar with a little oil to aid preserve the dough for longer.


If you room planning to save this ginger for approximately 3-4 months in the freezer, then you have the right to use ice-cube trays through lid or resealable plastic bags to store the paste. You can fill the bag and also flatten it. The will help in less complicated storage and you have the right to break turn off the necessary amount.

You have the right to pop the freezed ginger dough from the ice-cube trays, to keep in a plastic bag come save room too.


Check this post to see just how you can store ginger for a lengthy time.

Tips to store Ginger paste Fresh for much longer

Follow these advice to save your homemade ginger dough fresh for a longer time.

Use fresh ginger to make the paste. Save the ginger paste in a fully dry glass jar. Also if the is a little damp, it will make the paste go bad.Take the required amount you need prior to you begin the food preparation processReturn the jar or bag automatically to the freezer or fridge. Don"t leave it top top the counter for a lengthy time. Repetitive thawing and also freezing will certainly make the paste lose its aroma and freshness.

How to usage Ginger paste in a recipe?

Often, over there is a wrong concept that ginger paste deserve to be substituted together the same amount of raw ginger. But, it is no so, blended ginger is an ext concentrated 보다 raw ginger. The appropriate substitute for 1" inch ginger would be around 1 tablespoon of ginger paste.

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This paste can be supplied in any kind of Indian or eastern recipes that call for ginger.

When using this paste, remember to sauté it together it is raw and sautéing will help get rid the the raw smell.

When using freezed ginger paste, over there is no need to thaw as soon as cooking. That can directly be added to a curry in addition to or ~ sautéing onions.

Make Ginger Chili or Ginger Garlic paste

I usually store ginger, garlic, and green chili paste different as not every recipe calls for all of them. Even if it does, the required amount would certainly vary and some recipes can need just one or 2 of them.

But, if you desire you have the right to also include green chili pepper or garlic when making this ginger paste and also store them as thorough above.

If you usage a many of eco-friendly chilis in your cooking, check out my eco-friendly chili post. The will help you to buy, store and also use environment-friendly chillis the best way.

I hope you reap the convenience the this Ginger dough in your cooking! please share any questions you might have as you try this method.