Many recipes will speak to for "2 cups of shredded cabbage" however it is not constantly easy to figure out actually how numerous cabbage heads are in a cup. In stimulate to aid make food preparation easier us did some experiments to aid tell you exactly how many cabbage top you need to buy.

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Cabbage is very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of cooked dishes or life salads. Totality leaves may be offered raw, or lightly steamed as wraps for meats or other vegetables.

To prize How plenty of cabbages in a cup we went to the save to inspect out the vegetable section. In general terms, a huge cabbage head weighs about 39 ounces (1106 grams), a medium head 32 ounces (908 grams), and also a little head 28 ounces (794 grams).

after ~ surveying the create we selected 1 medium cabbage that weighed 2 pound for ours how plenty of cabbages in a cup trial and error sample. When shredded, 1 tool raw head yielded about 8 to 8.5 cups. It only requires less than 1/8 the a head that cabbage to hit the 1 cup mark. As soon as cabbage is cooked the amount remaining is diminished by around half.

go you recognize that cabbage is very closely related to broccoli, Brussels sprouts, collards, kale and also cauliflower. According to Guinness civilization Records, in august 2012 Scott A. Robb was attributed with farming the most heavy cabbage which weighed 138.25 lb (62.71 kg). Although sauerkraut (a dish made native fermented cabbage) is assumed of as a German invention, the Chinese were eating this food a lengthy time prior to them. China is actually the biggest producer the cabbage, while Russia eats the best amount that the vegetable in the world: about 44 pounds per human being per year.

Next time your recipe calls because that a cup that shredded cabbage you"ll feeling confident knowing what size and how plenty of you need. Friend can also use ours conversion tool listed below for any kind of custom how plenty of cabbages in a... dimensions you need.


Custom Conversions because that Cabbage

One Cabbage Equals

There is 8 cup (1900 mls) that Shredded Cabbage in a Cabbage ns need:¼½¾11 ½22 ½33 ½44 ½5678910Teaspoon(s)Tablespoon(s)Fluid Ounce(s) in VolumeCup(s)Pint(s)Quart(s)Gallon(s)Milliliter(s)Liter(s)ofShredded Cabbage you need0.1Cabbages

Want a an intricate Cocktail?

Cabbage is a plant made that densely packed pipeline that grow in the kind of a tightly wound ball, dubbed a head. When cabbage may look prefer lettuce, that most absolutely is not!

Cabbage is a member of the mustard family Brassicas, which contains other vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli and also many others. You may also hear them called "cole crops."

The popularity of cabbage goes ago hundreds of years and was domesticated on the europe continent sometime prior to 1000 BC and also became a prominent part of europe culture. Come this day, the popularity of cabbage is discovered in cuisines throughout the world.


Cabbage is a vegetable belonging to the Brassica family. In fact, cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable, together is broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, kale, and bok choy.

There are numerous cultivar teams of cabbage.The most common cabbage types that girlfriend will find at the grocery store are green and red cabbage.

Green cabbage is the most frequently used cabbage used for sliced and steamed cabbage. Red cabbage has red leaves and also is regularly used in stews, pickling, or added as a beat of color with environment-friendly cabbage in coleslaw.

There are various other lesser known species of cabbage such as savoy, white (also well-known as dutch cabbage) and also spring greens, i m sorry is a loose-headed cabbage.


The common green cabbage is a light green cabbage when accessible in grocery store stores. If you are lucky enough to visit a farm yard or thrive cabbage yourself, friend will uncover that the outer leaves of eco-friendly cabbage space a much darker green. These leaves are usually eliminated in stimulate to acquire down to the tighter compact sphere of leaves.

Raw green cabbage has actually a slight peppery odor when consumed and, when cooked, will certainly mellow out.

Red cabbage is similar to eco-friendly cabbage in the sphere shape, yet it is rather easy to distinguish as the is deep reddish-purple in color.

Red cabbage tastes similar to green cabbage with its contempt peppery flavor. Once cooked, the peppery flavor will mellow out.


Cabbage is an impressive vegetable! It have the right to be eaten raw, cooked, fermented, pickled, sauteed, steamed, stewed, or stuffed.

Perhaps cabbage is most recognized for coleslaw, a salad the is mainly chopped cabbage and also mayonnaise based. Fermented cabbage is well-known as sauerkraut.

Cabbage is likewise a good source that vitamins, minerals and also fiber.


Cabbage is safe to feeding to your dog or cat indigenous time to time. The can help in digestion, but too much cabbage can reason gas discomfort!

Yes! Cabbage is recognized for bring about excess gas. Cabbage is naturally high in fiber therefore if you’re eating a the majority of cabbage, you might experience gas, constipation and even abdominal pain.

Cabbage is great storage vegetable. As soon as properly stored, it deserve to last 3 weeks and also even up to 2 month in the refrigerator.

If you are one of the lucky couple of with a source cellar, freshly harvest cabbage can last all throughout the winter till the next season. Although girlfriend will absolutely want to eliminate some that the external rotting leaves before you consume.


If you keep your environment below 70 levels Fahrenheit, uncooked cabbage will store fresh for about two hours.

It is ideal to store cabbage save on computer in a frozen fridge or a source cellar at a reduced temperature.

After cutting fresh raw cabbage, the easiest way to save it is in a loose plastic storage bag or plastic wrap. Then location it in the refrigerator’s crisper.

Since cabbage is a big vegetable, many civilization will 4 minutes 1 cabbage and also store the quarters individually in plastic storage bags before placing in the refrigerator"s crisper.

If you space planning to use cabbage in a stuffed cabbage recipe, it is ideal to reduced the head in fifty percent and then store each fifty percent in its very own bag.

An unwashed entirety cabbage will save up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator"s crisper section. If cut, loose-leaf cabbage will certainly last approximately a week.


Yes! Cabbage have the right to be frozen and also doing so is quite easy! If freezer storage is ample, by all means store it whole, although mean it to take numerous days to totally freeze.

Cabbage can be frozen freshly-cut so it is the closest feasible thing to life cabbage. This works an excellent when you have actually too much cabbage and plan to use it in the next week or month.

However, the best means to extend the freezer life of cabbage is come blanch cabbage wedges by submerging them in boiling waters for 2 minutes. Eliminate them indigenous the boil water, and plunge them right into a key of cold water.

At this point it is important to drain the cabbage of excess liquid and then frozen them top top a baking sheet extended with parchment document in the freezer. As soon as frozen, remove the cabbage native the baking sheet and also place castle in a freezer bag.

Cabbage is a functional vegetable! It have the right to be reduced in shreds, leaves, quartered, sliced, or in wedges. All it take away is a an excellent vegetable knife the is long enough to reduced through the one of the cabbage head.


Depending on where you purchase your cabbage or also if friend harvest it yourself, worms or other insects can be lurking inside the cabbage leaves. This is why that is so essential to make certain that your cabbage is completely cleaned before consuming.

One method to clean cabbage is to cut it in shreds, quartered or in wedges and also then location in a colander with running water over it. Shake castle dry and pat with a clean cotton dish towel.

An also easier way to clean cabbage is to reduced it up and place it in a salad spinner after soaking the cabbage in water and spinning away any moist residue.

Technically, cabbage go not have a skin since it is composed of strict compacted leaves. Therefore, over there is no need to peel an external skin, since there no any!

A head the cabbage can be sliced like any other vegetable. Store in mental that due to the fact that cabbage has countless tightly compacted leaves, slices will not always stay intact.

A lengthy vegetable knife, cabbage slicer, or a mandoline slicer is the best means to part cabbage.


Even though cabbage has numerous compacted leaves, it is feasible to chop cabbage. What friend are trying to find are large non-uniform pieces - i m sorry is perfect due to the fact that cabbage is not very uniform!

Dicing cabbage is as straightforward as chopping cabbage. The distinction is that as soon as dicing cabbage friend are searching for a an ext uniform and smaller shape.


Since cabbage walk not have a peel type skin, it is not recommended. Most often it is citrus fruit peel is zested for extr flavor in a dish.

It is no recommended come mash cabbage. Oftentimes human being will get around it by adding cooked cabbage come cooked potatoes, however honestly, the potato is a star in that dish.

However, an excellent news! Pureeing cabbage IS possible. All it bring away is adding cooked cabbage with a tiny liquid come a blender or food processor that has actually a puree function.

If you space lucky sufficient to have a food processor with a grater function, it will make rapid work that shredding cabbage!

Another comfortable kitchen device is a mandoline slicer. Many come v a several slicing knives for assorted thicknesses. In addition, the is fast to do!

Otherwise, shredding cabbage through hand takes a long knife and also a steady hand. Thinly slice and also the cabbage will virtually shred itself.


The most common technique for Juicing cabbage is to cook water and add it come a blender together with freshly cut and also cleaned cabbage. Placed the cabbage in the blender in addition to the water and also blend.

Does Cabbage have Seeds and also Can i Eat Them? exactly how do I remove the Seeds?

Cabbage does not contain any seeds. Therefore, friend don"t have to remove any seeds prior to eating it!

Can i Eat Cabbage Greens?

All of the leaves of the cabbage plant are edible. However the external plant leaves room stronger in flavor than the tightly bound environment-friendly leaves of the head.

How to keep Cabbage

General exactly how to save Cabbage Info

There space several types of cabbage: the common green cabbage, the purple-red shade cabbage, the curly light green Savoy cabbage, and the elongated looser leaved Chinese Napa cabbage. These are often used interchangeably.

Short hatchet Cabbage Storage

Unwashed, firm, compact cabbage keeps as much as 2 main in the crisper ar of the refrigerator; looser-leaf cabbage approximately a week.

Sliced cabbage save on computer in a perforated plastic bag will save 5 to 6 days, refrigerated in the humid crisper section.

Cabbage long Term Storage

Long-term storage requires high humidity and also 32°F (0°C) temperature.

Solid-core cabbage will save for 4 come 5 months stored in a humid basement v a temperature of 32°F (0°C). However, prepare yourself for a solid odor together the cabbage it s okay older. This have the right to be reduced somewhat by layering in wet sand.

Savory and other loose-leaf cabbages save poorly long-term.

Cabbage deserve to be pickled as sauerkraut.

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