The sight of a totality raw brisket deserve to be daunting. It’s an substantial cut, that’s for sure. But when you’re serving a many people, that’s a good thing. The inquiry is, just how much brisket per person will friend need?

How lot Brisket per Person?

1/2 pound of cook brisket per human is the traditional response. However, you could need as small as 1/4 lb or as much as 3/4 pound, depending upon the circumstances. One pound of life brisket should yield around 1/2 pound of cook meat.

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Planning Ahead

Although a whole packer brisket have the right to weigh up come 20 pounds, the complete meat yield will certainly be much less than that. Meat shrinks down as it cooks because of moisture evaporation. Brisket likewise has a sizable fat lid running follow me the level end, i m sorry we would recommend trimming down prior to it’s time come cook.

You can expect to lose around 50 percent that the complete brisket weight because of trimming and also shrinkage. The loss may turn the end to it is in a little less, but it’s far better to err on the side of caution. We’d rather end up v too much extra brisket than too tiny (see The Leftover Question, below).

How carry out You plan To serve the Brisket?

Will you be serving the meat sliced, shredded, or chopped? when the meat might weigh the exact same in any kind of case, the presentation will be different. This can impact the portion sizing.

When brisket is carved into succinct slices, it often tends to disappear much faster than the exact same amount of chopped or shredded meat. even if you’re do brisket sandwiches, you’ll take it a entirety slice in ~ a time, and also you’ll need an ext than one slice per sandwich. Through pulled beef, it’s less complicated to customize the amount that you put into the bun.

In short, buy an ext brisket than you think you’ll need if you desire to serve the meat sliced. This renders for a nice presentation, which works well for a dinner party. We would suggest buying just brisket flats in this case. The flat is leaner 보다 the suggest end and the serial is extremely visible, so it’s less complicated to slice.

How much Brisket To offer Per Person: breaking it Down


In many cases, the baseline because that meat serving size is 1/2 pound of cooking meat per person. Acquisition brisket shrinkage into account, that way you should arrangement on purchase 1 pound of raw brisket for every human you’re serving.

The bottom line right here is that you don’t desire to run out of brisket during your event. Serving smoked brisket isn’t choose serving burgers and also hot dogs. Since it requires such a long cooking time, it’s not possible to just whip increase a bit more on the fly.

As always, though, there space mitigating factors to consider. Let’s take a look in ~ the people that are most likely to apply to her brisket barbecue.

Party Size

Do a online head count before you head come the grocery store. If there space 20 human being on the guest list, arrangement to buy around 20 pounds of life brisket. when it’s feasible to find single whole packers that sweet in at 20 pounds, you’ll have an ext luck if girlfriend look for two of them in the 10- to 12-pound range.

The actual head count might come to be lower 보다 the initial guest list. This is specifically true if the collection is a casual afternoon affair. Plan change, and also some civilization may just arrangement on preventing in because that a drink prior to the brisket is smoked to perfection.

That said, you might have to compete with unanticipated arrivals, too. Barbecue is a cook that’s finest shared v friends and neighbors. We like to buy an ext meat than we think we’ll need. This way, if a guest wants to carry a plus-one, or if a neighborhood is enticed by the odor of the brisket cooking, we deserve to say “the much more the merrier!” and mean it.

Age of Guests

After you’ve done the basic count, take it a closer watch at your guest list. Are you expecting many kids under the age of 10? If so, girlfriend can readjust the per-person quantity accordingly. Youngsters tend come eat less than full-grown adults, particularly at not blocked gatherings. Plan on having actually 1/4 lb of cooking brisket (1/2 pound raw) on hand because that younger guests.

Guest Habits

No issue what your age, some human being have heartier appetites than others. girlfriend might likewise have a vegetarian or 2 on the guest list. Everything the reason, friend may be able to curate the section sizes according to their personal preferences.

Only you can determine the prize in this case. Think around your guests’ usual eating habits prior to making the last decision on how much come buy.



What else is on the menu? Beef brisket is the star, of course, and rightly so. But you deserve to make the meal stretch more if you sell a couple of choice next dishes as well.

Corn bread or hush puppies are standard barbecue accompaniments, and the strength will aid to fill civilization up faster. Both are basic to make, although hush puppies carry out require the added (and messy) step of deep-frying in warm oil.

Cole slaw is one more traditional element. You can go with the straightforward green-cabbage-and-mayo version, or spice things up by using red cabbage and also a Thai chili sauce. Try to customize the seasonings based upon what you supplied in your spice rub, or even if it is you’re offer the brisket v a sauce.

If you have the time or inclination, make a batch of homestyle mac and cheese and serve it together the brisket. This can likewise serve as the main course for any kind of non-meat-eaters.

Finally, decide even if it is you want your guests to save room because that dessert. A key of cookie or brownies have to do unique after such a rich and also time-consuming key course. If you have actually a fire pit going during the party, bring out s’mores fixings and invite anyone to do their own.

Time the Day

At at an early stage gatherings, human being tend come eat less. Many of us space conditioned to think of the evening meal together the major feast of the day, so girlfriend won’t need as much food in ~ a lunchtime event as you would certainly for a dinner party. If you’re expecting guests in the beforehand afternoon, consider scaling back your planned section sizes.

Type the Event

Similar rules use when it comes to the formality of the party. If you’re plan a sit-down meal, you have the right to expect the guest to consume much more than they would certainly at a casual affair. When civilization are just milling around and grazing, castle won’t be as focused on the food, for this reason you probably won’t need as lot brisket per person.

Of course, this can be referred to as into question if the event requires tailgating. In the case, you might want to plan on buying more brisket instead of less. When alcohol is involved, food have the right to disappear in a hurry. The type of event matters just as lot as the time of day, for this reason don’t forget to take it that right into account.

How lot Brisket Per person for Sandwiches?

If you’re do brisket sandwiches, you won’t require quite as much meat per person. 4 to 5 ounces of cooking meat is the traditional amount every sandwich. Therefore, a single pound of cooked brisket could yield 3 or 4 sandwiches.

Taking shrinkage into account, that way you can setup on acquiring 2 servings for each pound of life brisket. A 16-pound entirety packer must yield about 32 sandwiches.

How Many people Will a Brisket Feed?

A entirety packer brisket must feed 10 come 20 people, relying on how lot it weighs. 12 to 15 pounds is typical for a totality packer, therefore if you plan on one lb of raw brisket per person, you have the right to expect to gain 12 to 15 servings out of it. A single brisket flat weighing 6 pounds have to feed 6 people.

The Leftover Question

Would you prefer it if every the brisket to be gone at the end of the party, or carry out you have plans for her leftovers? since we love come get an innovative with brisket, we’re disappointed if we don’t have any left as soon as the guests room gone.

An exception to this preeminence sometimes comes right into play during camping trips, as soon as we might suffer indigenous a absence of adequate refrigeration. We also might not have time come consume the leftovers. If this is the case, it’s far better to arrangement on having actually less brisket top top hand.

Ideas for Leftover Brisket

Let’s assume that your guests have left, sated and also happy after ~ an afternoon that feasting. Once you begin to clean up, you see that you still have a pair of pounds the delectable exhilaration brisket left. What need to you carry out with it?

First the all, make sure it’s properly refrigerated within 4 hours. If cooking meat sits at room temperature for longer than that, the enters the “danger zone” between 40 and also 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This way it’s a prime reproduction ground for food-borne bacteria, the type that can reason serious illness.

Once the meat is sheathe securely and placed in the fridge, you deserve to start brainstorming around how to take care of the leftovers. Right here are some of our favorite techniques.

Brisket Burritos

This recipe works finest if the meat is shredded rather than sliced. After heating the brisket, tuck it into a warmed 8-inch flour tortilla with some cooked rice, black color beans, pico de gallo, shredded lettuce, and also queso fresco. Wrap that up and also enjoy with additional pico de gallo top top the side.

Brisket Mac and Cheese

If you additionally have leftover mac and also cheese from the party, row a handful of cubed brisket into the next portion you heat up because that lunch. Be certain to taste it first, though. If the brisket is as well salty to begin with, all that cheese might rise the sodium content come an unhealthy level.

Brisket Hash

Turn breakfast right into a memorable to work by scrambling leftover brisket through onions, garlic, green and red bell pepper, home fries, and eggs. If you want to do the food truly decadent, sprinkle it v cheddar or pepper jack cheese just before serving.

Quick offer Guide

How lot Brisket do I require for 8 Adults?

Since you’ll want to plan on about 1/2 lb (or 8 ounces) because that each adult, you should have 4 pounds of cook brisket ~ above hand because that this number of people. That way that the brisket you pick should sweet at least 8 pounds raw.

How lot Brisket to feeding 12 come 15 People

The same formula applies here: about one pound of raw brisket every person. You’re in lucky if you’re offer 12 come 15 people, in its entirety packer briskets often autumn within this load range.

How much Brisket to feed 20 or 40 People

For 20 people, you have to buy two whole packer briskets at around 10 pounds apiece for a total of 20 pounds. If you’re expecting 40 people, to buy a full of 40 pounds of life brisket. Remember: It’s fine to go larger if you desire to have plenty the leftover brisket top top hand.

How much Brisket to feeding 50 or 100 People

When to plan a party because that 50 or 100 people, you have the right to scale ago the recommended portion sizes. If girlfriend buy 100 pounds of life brisket for 100 guests and also they’re not big eaters, you can end up wasting a the majority of meat. Plan on 40 come 45 pounds for 50 people. Because that 100 guests, 70 pounds have to be sufficient.

How Many civilization Will a 10-Pound Brisket Feed?

A 10-pound life brisket need to feed 10 to 20 people, depending on their ages and also eating habits. unless you’re feeding a the majority of younger guests, 10 human being is a an ext accurate guess.

The Bottom Line

There space a number of things to consider when determining just how much brisket per person to buy. Our advice would certainly be come decide how much girlfriend think you’ll need, then include a pound or two of raw brisket come the total.

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This should give you sufficient for the barbecue–and a few enticing meals later on on.