The Verzuz enhance of the century happened last night, v Keith Sweat and Bobby Brown both vying to it is in crowned the unofficially R&B heavyweight. Fans went crazy because that this showdown, and many started to wonder about Keith Sweat’s ex-wife Lisa Wu, his kids, and also if the is dating anyone in ~ the moment. Us tell you whatever you have to know.

What taken place in the Verzuz battle?

Keith Sweat is well known for his smooth, laid-back vocals. His tracks from the Nineties room still famous today, v Twisted and also Nobody having gained 70 million and 56 million streams respectively on Spotify.

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The Verzuz fight was collection between legends Keith Sweat and also Bobby Brown.

Keith Sweat sang tunes such together Something simply Ain’t Right, make You Sweat, and How Deep Is her Love?, while Brown spanned Whitney Houston’s miscellaneous In Common, and also sang gain Away, and Thug Loving among many more.

Fans went crazy once Bobby Brown join Keith because that vocals top top the track Right and also A not correct Way, mirroring the clear respect between the pair.

While Keith Sweat seemed to it is in the people’s champion, it was Bobby Brown who won this Verzuz fight with a last score the 15-10.

Meet Keith Sweat’s ex-wife Lisa Wu

Lisa Wu Hartwell is one American TV star and also actress. She to be born ~ above 23 January 1971 in Inglewood, California, and is 50 years old.

She is most well known for appearing on the an initial three periods of The actual Housewives that Atlanta, as well as reality TV show Hollywood Divas.

However, she started out in the entertainment market as a backing dancer because that acts such together Public Enemy.

Wu has plenty of strings to her bow, she was formerly a laboratory artist, and also has likewise starred in current TV collection Saints & Sinners.


Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Her mommy is that Afro-Carribean heritage, while she father is Chinese.

Wu is a job woman and an entrepreneur. She at this time runs actual estate certain Hartwell & Associates, and also previously ran she own clothing line Hart 2 Hart Baby, and also a jewellery line called Wu Girls.

She to be married come Keith Sweat from 1992 to 2002, and also was climate married come Edgerton Hartwell indigenous 2006 to 2011.

However, it shows up she is still sustaining Sweat as she post a snapshot of the current Verzuz fight on her Instagram through the caption: “Let’s walk kings!”

There has actually been a rumour Keith Sweat is at this time dating a woman named Joanne Humphrey. However, this has actually not been confirmed as Sweat likes to keep his personal life very private.

How many youngsters does Keith Sweat have with Lisa Wu?

Keith Sweat has four kids in total, 2 sons with ex-wife Lisa Wu and also two daughters referred to as Keyshia and Keia.

Lisa Wu has three kids, Justin and also Jordan Sweat, and also Edgerton Hartwell Jr indigenous her second marriage.

Justin Sweat is following in his mother’s footsteps and also has become an actor, when it says on Jordan Sweat’s Instagram page that that is an artist.


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