Plenty that fish is a an extremely popular dating site, yet sometimes you acquire annoying message from POF users. Periodically you gain frustrated v a most messages in your POF inbox, and also of course, to stop this you start to uncover out the means to block world or messages from POF users. POF is a little bit different than various other social websites, you can not block POF customers from viewing her POF profile. Plenty of fish users have the right to view your photos by looking your username, yet you can block who from sending you a article in your POF inbox. If you know the correct email deal with of the POF user then you have the right to block a user from sending out a message. Here step through step overview for how to block someone on POF.

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How to report who on POF

How come block who on POF

If you want to block someone on POF, friend should have actually a message from that user.

Go to the POF inbox.Scroll with all the message to the bottom of the page.Now, click the “Block User” attach in the thread, situated next to the reply box.

That’s it. Now blocked people can’t post you however keep in psychic that, blocked users will still have the ability to search for her profile via pof search yet they will not have the ability to contact you.

How to unblock who on POF

Firstly, walk to the inbox and open any conversation in her POF inbox.Now, click “Users i Blocked” ~ above the appropriate side that the page.

Thus, you deserve to unblock someone on POF. In case, some customers blocked girlfriend on POF, then you won’t be able to send a blog post to them.

How come report someone on POF

In the worst scenario, you can report who on many of fish. Suppose, someone is abusing girlfriend or who steals your POF account photo and also misses using it, then you have the right to report the POF user to much more investigation. As soon as you execute report someone, many of fish teams carefully investigates your account for suspiciously activity. Every reports space strictly private.

Reasons to report someone on POF

The following, room the key reasons to report POF users.

The following are the actions to report who on POF.

Go come the file of the POF user, which you wish to report.At the bottom of your profile, you will view the”Report User” link.

image via POF forum

Now, “Click top top Report User” link and you space done.

Thus, you can report who on lot of of fish if he/she abusing girlfriend on POF. You deserve to use the above same method to report POF assistance team if someone using your picture on many of fish.

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In this way, you deserve to block, unblock, and report who on POF. If girlfriend have any type of question regarding this, then you deserve to ask the to us via comment box.