Captain Nemo is the commander of the Nautilus, a submarine that he developed in an enig and top top which that lives. Nemo is a very mysterious person. His real name and national beginning are never revealed, and also neither room his precise reasons for selecting to live in a state the self-imposed exile underwater. There are clues that Nemo can be a member of one oppressed and/or colonized group that people, and several interpretations the the publication cast him together being indigenous India. Nemo definitely feels a an excellent deal of sympathy for oppressed people, although that contradictorily behaves in a quite tyrannical way himself. The is person who is abnormal intelligent, extremely educated, and also extremely wealthy, having actually studied design in Paris, London, and brand-new York. He seems to have been victimized through a mysterious country represented by the ship that appears at the finish of the novel, ~ above which Nemo take away violent revenge. There are hints that whatever country or royal power the delivery represents may have actually killed Nemo’s family, consisting of a wife and also children, although this is not directly confirmed. The novel leaves open up the concern of whether Nemo is a hero or villain. Much of his behavior—including maintaining Arronax, Ned, and also Conseil captive, exercising tyrannical dominance over his ship, and also seeking violent revenge against the mysterious strength that he insurance claims wronged him—could definitely be seen as villainous. In ~ the very same time, Nemo also has a calm, gentle, and also thoughtful side. Throughout the course of the novel, the becomes increasingly despondent, maybe suffering some kind of mental breakdown. Nemo’s last fate stays unknown—it is possible that he dies in the whirlpool in which the Nautilus is captured in Norway, but likewise plausible the he manages come survive.

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).Note: all page numbers and citation details for the quotes listed below refer come the Dover Thrift Editions execution of Twenty thousand Leagues Under the Sea published in 2006.

A flash of anger and also contempt kindled in the eyes of the Unknown, and I had a fleeting vision of some destructive past in the life the this man. No only had actually he placed himself past the pale of human laws, however he had made self independent that them. In the strictest sense of the word, he to be free, since he was exterior the with of the ethical code.