Abilene is a moderate place to live. Cost of living indices are based on a US median of 100. One amount listed below 100 means Abilene, TX is cheaper than the us average. A expense of life index above 100 method Abilene, TX is more expensive. Overall, Abilene, TX cost of living is 85.

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In 2019, the per capita an individual income because that the previous 12 months was $24,529 v a median family income that $50,659 per year. The December 2020 revenue price for homes in Abilene to be $187,175.




All numbers listed are in the 325 area code, except as indicated differently. Dyess: DSN 461-XXXX; indigenous on basic 696-XXXX, operator ext 696-1110 or DSN 312-461-1110. Details 696-1110.


Dyess AFB personnel room subject to frequent deployments however programs such as vital Spouse, provide Parents a Break, and Car Care because We care are in ar to administer support because that members and their families. Call the Airman and also Family Readiness facility for assistance.


The new Air pressure Housing website is the one-stop-shop for housing information.

Passports and also Visas

Ensure member and/or dependents have the required passports and/or visa prior to final out-processing. Members electing the accompanied tour will certainly not be permitted to out-process without having the required passports/visas in hand for themselves (if applicable) and/or dependents.

These plot are essential to protect against unforeseen hardships to the armed forces members and also their families.

Hands cost-free driving on base is required. This plan is strictly enforced for both active duty and dependent personnel. Over there is a attention dog limit for housing residents, please call the base housing office in ~ 325-696-2150 for more information.

Hands totally free cell phone usage is compelled while driving on base.

Auto Hobby: because of circumstances past our control, the Auto understand (My Mechanic the Dyess) is close up door indefinitely.

In-Depth Overview


Dyess Air pressure Base a skilled team, transferring bombing, airlift support, training and also combat support to combatant commanders anytime, anywhere. Dyess AFB trains every Air force B-1 crews and is generally referred to as the "Home of the B-1." major Command: waiting Force an international Strike Command and also Air Mobility Command. Major Weapon Systems: B-1B, C-130-H.

7TH BW Mission: professional Airmen carrying credible, adaptive, and decisive combat power.


Originally known as Abilene Air pressure Base, the strategic Air Command basic was committed by the city fathers in ~ the finish of Abilene"s Diamond Jubilee in 1956. ~ above December 6 that that same year, the base was renamed Dyess AFB in respect of Lt. Col wilhelm Edwin Dyess that was born in Albany, Texas in 1912, and also died in an plane crash in Burbank, California, December 22, 1943. ~ above October 1, 1993, Dyess ended up being a one-base, one-wing, one-commander base, combine the 96th Wing and also the 463d Wing together the 7th Wing, flying the B-1B Lancer and C-130 Hercules. Top top April 1, 1997, Dyess" wing came to be the 7th Bomb Wing and also the C-130 Hercules aircraft once again ended up being a component of waiting Mobility Command and Dyess" 317th Airlift Group. The 317th once much more experienced a shift when the was activated as the 317th Airlift wing on July 6, 2017. Because that a detailed history of Dyess Air force Base, please watch the surroundings homepage.


active Duty - 8000 Civilian employee - 5000 Dependents - 4863 Retirees - 3214

(2020 Census) City the Abilene population is 125,182 and also Taylor County populace is 143,208

The total populace of Dyess AFB is approximately 13,132personnel consisting of officers, enlisted, retirees, civilian employees, and also family members. Many of the populace is waiting Force but we likewise have a offhanded of Marines, part Reservists, and some army National Guardsmen.


Dyess AFB is situated in the city of Abilene in Taylor County, Texas in the USA. Abilene is a armed forces friendly city in west-central Texas located about 183 miles west that Dallas and 250 miles north of san Antonio. The is the facility of a 19-county area called "The large Country," and considered the financial hub of this component of Texas. Near the geographic center of the state, Abilene is easily accessible by five significant highways: federal government 20, Highways 80 and 84 east and west, and also Highways 83 and also 277 north and south. Abilene is a medium price area. The median household income is $50,659 and also the US median salary is $56,516 according to the U.S. Census Bureau.


Abilene local Airport services the Abilene and also Dyess AFB community. It is located around 15 miles from Dyess Air force Base. Rental car Service is listed by AVIS, Enterprise, and Hertz, or girlfriend can contact taxi or ride services.

Directions indigenous Abilene regional Airport

If your sponsor go not fulfill you at the airport, a taxi or rental automobile is the method to go. ~ above exiting the airport, revolve left ~ above Highway 36 (South 11th). In ~ the irradiate at Treadaway Blvd turn right, this will take girlfriend to southern 1st, continue to be in the left lane at the S. 1st interchange. Stay on S. 1st across town, and pass under the Highway 277 overpass. Take the next leave to the right and turn left ontoArnold Blvd. The Dyess AFB key gate will be on her right.

Directions Driving come Dyess AFB native the North

Take U. S. Highway 277 or 83 southern to the S. 7th St exit. Turn ideal (west) top top S. 7th to Arnold Blvd., left (south) on Arnold Blvd. To the Dyess AFB main gate on her right.

Directions Driving to Dyess AFB from the South

Take U. S. Highway 277, 83, or 84 north to the S. 7th St. Exit. Revolve left (west) ~ above S. 7th come Arnold Blvd., left (south) ~ above Arnold Blvd. To the Dyess AFB main gate on your right. If you re coming in top top Highway 36, monitor the direction from the Airport.

Directions Driving come Dyess AFB indigenous the East

Take I-20 west indigenous Dallas 200 miles, at Abilene remain on I-20, NOT organization 20, until you reach U.S. Highway 277/83. In ~ the interchange, go south on Highway 277/83 to the S. 7th St exit. Turn best (west) top top S.7th come Arnold Blvd, then left (south) ~ above Arnold Blvd come the Dyess AFB gate on her right.

Directions Driving to Dyess AFB from the WestTake I-20/84 eastern to Arnold Blvd, turn south top top Arnold Blvd to the Dyess AFB door on your right. Comes from the west you execute head straight into town, departure 279.

Directions indigenous Bus Station

The Greyhound Bus heat comes right into Abilene in ~ 1657 State Highway 351, Abilene, TX 79601. The city bus, City attach of Abilene, does pass by the bus station however; pick-up is across the street in ~ the Wal-Mart location. The Citilink bus does no come ~ above the base but there is a bus stop location at the basic visitors center where her sponsor can accomplish you. For this reason again if you"re not met by her sponsor the best means is to usage a taxi.

What to do as soon as you arrive at the Dyess AFB prior Gate

When you come at the front gate, you will require to display them your armed forces ID Card and also identification because that each family member/passenger. They may ask girlfriend to go into the visitor Control center to get a visitor"s pass. The visitor Control facility is now co-located v the Dyess Museum situated at 800 Arnold Boulevard. There, friend will need to present them your military ID card, her Driver"s License, and also a copy of your orders. Castle may likewise request to see your car Registration and Proof the Insurance.

The Visitor facility hours of operation are Monday v Friday indigenous 6 a.m. Come 10 p.m. Limited Area badge issue as well as contractor passes/badges have the right to be issued throughout open hours. Visitor passes room also available on weekends and after hrs from on-duty Security pressures personnel at Arnold Gate. From the front gate, you continue down Arnold Blvd to the web traffic Circle. Remain in the left roadway so girlfriend can departure the website traffic Circle on fifth Street. Dyess Inn is located at 441 fifth Street (about half-way down the block on your left). Your phone number is 325-696-2681/1874 or DSN 312-461-2681/1874.

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Base Transportation

Dyess does not have actually a spaceship bus service. The basic Taxi is the only official transportation available on and around base. Because that official service only, members may call the basic Taxi Dispatch at 325-696-2265. The street from the key gate toLodging is approximately 1.5 miles. Native Lodging, many base facilities, such as AAFES, Commissary, Finance, TMO, Airman and also Family Readiness Center, the Chapel and Burger King, space within wade distance.